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7 ways a personalised demo ensures you choose the right email signature solution

So you've decided your business needs new email signatures. If your business is just you, then maybe it's not the biggest decision you'll ever make, but if there's 50, 100 or 1,000 people in the business then suddenly the decision (and the risks) become bigger - especially when you think the new signature is going to appear on every email they send.
7 ways a personalised demo ensures you choose the right email signature solution

So... no pressure... but you’ve got to get it right.

You can’t afford to make an expensive mistake - not just in terms of your investment, but also potential disruption to your IT, damage to your brand image and missed marketing opportunities. So wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a real person (it might even be me!) about your exact email signature requirements or, even better, have them show you exactly what the right email signature solution can do for your business.

At Rocketseed we always give you a demo to help you decide. Here’s seven reasons why...

1. Meet your exact requirements

What exactly are you looking for in an email signature solution? Great design? Brand consistency? Legal compliance? A new marketing channel? Stress-free tech set-up? Whatever it is (and whether you’re in IT, marketing, HR or sales), we take the time to understand your exact business requirements and ensure that you get the right solution from our Rocketseed plans.

2. Remove any risk

While some “self-service” signature providers make it sound oh-so-simple, what they don’t tell you could result in a nasty surprise later (with no support from them to help you sort it out). For example, is there a risk of your email signature images getting mangled on mobile devices? With mobile-optimised Rocketseed they’ll display perfectly on every device. In a Rocketseed demo, we’ll show you everything you need to put your mind at rest.

3. Realise the full potential

Chances are, email signatures can do more than you think. Sure, they can update employee details automatically by syncing with Active Directory and drive traffic to your website and social channels, but did you realise you can also run precision-targeted, interactive banner campaigns through them? Or that these campaigns can be integrated with your CRM and send real-time click-alerts to your sales team? In a Rocketseed demo, you’ll see the full potential of email signatures and how they can become your new hero marketing channel.

4. See it in action

Want to see how your brand might look on a new signature? Or how the interface gives you company-wide control? Or maybe explore the reporting and analytics that show how recipients are interacting with your signatures? Well, you can – it’s all in the demo! You’re in control, with a hands-on opportunity to experience Rocketseed in action!

5. Talk tech

You need an email signature solution that’s simple to set-up, 100% secure and stress-free for your IT staff. That’s why we talk tech from the outset. Rocketseed is optimised for Office 365, G Suite and Exchange, with a range of installation options dependent on your server type – on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid. We’ll talk you through exactly how it works.

6. No obligation

Of course there’s no obligation, and there’s no hard sell. So if you need time to think it over, discuss it with your team, or maybe it’s not quite the right time yet for you, that’s no problem. When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll be ready to make it happen!

7. Ask away

We never finish a demo until we’ve answered all your questions – whether you’ve got 1 or 21! And if you think of anything afterwards, just drop us an email, give us a call or take a look at our videos, one-pagers and tech pack.

Ask away Make the right decision – book a demo!

If you’ve got to make the decision on your business’s new email signatures, don’t do anything until you’ve had a Rocketseed demo. It only takes 20 minutes, there’s no obligation or hard-sell, and booking it couldn’t be easier.

Schedule your demo now.

21 Jun 2019 12:34


About the author

Bruce Borrie is the Sales Manager at Rocketseed.