Win big with the Ad Room!

Calling on storytellers, visual and strategic thinkers
Win big with the Ad Room!

The AAA School of Advertising launched a very exciting initiative called the Ad Room open to grade 11 and 12 learners.

This is a platform developed to find the next storytellers, visual thinkers and strategic thinkers that think differently and are ready to take a step towards creating a career with a future in a creative space.

This month, this initiative focuses on sneaker design, together with an ad campaign to support the thinking and an advertising campaign to promote this best kept secret in town. “The learner doesn’t have to do all three the challenges, they can choose the one they are most comfortable with,” says Rene Dinkoanyane, Marketing Manager from AAA.

The outline includes:

  • Visual thinking

    In this brief learners need to keep in mind the sneakerheads who collect, trade and admire sneakers as a hobby. Like most collectors they take this passion seriously. They spend serious money building their collections and know the history of every sneaker they own. This group has single-handedly redefined the meaning of the term "sneaker" and also changed how society as a whole view and uses shoes. They have made new ways of self-expression possible, giving people a sense of purpose and belonging. In short, they created a lifestyle linked to music, sporting events, graffiti artistry and many more lifestyle scenarios. Each student that has a creative flair for design, can create a sneaker that will grab the attention of the sneaker aficionados.

  • Story telling

    Win big with the Ad Room!

    In this brief a learner’s writing is important. They are tasked you to write a radio script for a sneaker aimed at the South African youth, that love going to music festivals, dressing up in street style with the best item of their outfit being their sneaker.

  • Strategic thinking

    In this brief, learners need to create an exciting social media advertising campaign for the fantastic sneaker design creating hype and explaining how they will leverage the design of the sneaker.

This initiative is hugely beneficial for learners that enjoy business studies, are passionate about languages, enjoy the arts and would love to pursue a career that enhances their natural talents.

"Designing your own sneaker, writing and designing graphics to support it, is not only an immersive experience in design thinking, truth be told, it goes far beyond that. It is really a Trojan horse for taking the global competencies to a new level, thinking about things differently and solving problems in a new way,” says Rene Dinkoanyane.

Through this initiative, three talented students will be awarded full academic bursary, each valued at more than R269,970 to study at the AAA School of Advertising. The bursary winners will be announced at the end of the third challenge in 2021.

Students can sign up for this exciting initiative via

20 Oct 2020 12:14