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Burger King Chile and Uber Eats give away 3,000 Whoppers to everyone who lives on a street with a name related to royalty

To officially launch their delivery service in Chile, the fast food network has joined Uber Eats, to give away over 3,000 Whoppers to all those who live on a street with a name related to royalty.

It’s no mystery in Chile that the Spanish conquest left the country full of street names related to royalty and Europe’s monarchy. So much so, that the king of burgers, to release its new “Burger King Delivery” service, joined forces with Uber Eats to find all streets named after a king, queen or any royal relations. And if you happen to live on one of those streets, you get a free Whopper.

The campaign, under the name The King of the Streets, will reward all people who use the Uber Eats app, and order a Whopper from a royal street like Prince of Wales using the THEKINGOFTHESTREETS code. There will be 3,000 free Whoppers for the first who activate the promo code.

“We want everyone to try our new Delivery service, with an initiative that only Burger King could make. Thanks to Uber Eats’ geolocalisation features we are able to identify users who live in specific streets. But it’s also up to them to check if their street name is part of the promo, since a lot of names are not evident. We feel that’s highly interesting and even educational,” commented Soledad Fantuzzi, Burger King Chile’s Marketing Manager.

In a joint coding and mapping effort, the burger company and the delivery service mapped over 216 streets across the Metropolitan Region, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso and Concepción, within the Uber Eats range, where streets like Fernando de Aragón, Prince of Wales, Queen Sofía, and also streets with the “Rey” or “Reyes” words on it, such as García Reyes or even Reynolds.

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5 Jun 2019 14:21