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Hot 91.9FM launches 'Hot In The City'

Once again Hot 91.9FM, Joburg's best old skool and R&B radio station, is keeping listeners inspired and entertained! This week, the crazy bunch launched 'Hot In The City' - which gives our listeners the licence to 'lockdown their groove' every weekday with the Mansfield in the Morning team and the Big Joburg Drive with Simon Parkinson.

Every day, the Mansfield in the Morning team will announce the ‘Hot In The City’ Song of the Day – which will be played out at 8.20am. Listeners will be given creative licence to be a star in their kitchen, their bathroom, their living room and be their own popstar!

Hot 91.9FM will do what they do best, play the best songs, and give you the platform to sing-a-long and be a star! You can do it straight or be as silly as you like – the idea is to participate in having fun!

Listeners can then send the voice note or video clip to Hot 91.9FM on the WhatsApp line @ 084 2212 919

Hot 91.9FM is all about total entertainment, packaging the power of contemporary radio with an uplifting community spirit and a powerful messaging platform. Faced with one of the biggest challenges that mankind has ever experienced we join our listeners and the global community at large, via our digital footprint, in celebrating life, maintaining a positive spirit and having fun!

WhatsApp your video or voice note to @ 084 2212 919 and let us make you famous.

Watch the first Hot 91.9FM ‘Hot In The City’ video of the week:

16 Apr 2020 10:10