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Techsys Digital celebrates Innovation Awards at Bookmarks

When Techsys were approached by Digify Africa to problem-solve a really impactful brief for Meta, it was a true meeting of the minds!
Techsys Digital celebrates Innovation Awards at Bookmarks

Digify Africa is a youth-led organisation at the forefront of shaping Africa's digital future, while Techsys is a full-service agency known for pushing the boundaries of tech. Together, we were keen collaborators focused on upskilling more people on Meta’s suite of products. This massive suite of marketing solutions can be crucial for unlocking major value for businesses big and small.

The solution? An innovative chatbot which taught learners on the meta platform they probably know best – WhatsApp. Dubbed ‘Naledi’, this bot became a colourful character guiding them through every step of the journey. Aided by multimedia content, engaging questions and bite-sized answers, it broke all of our expectations of its impact.

Over 150,000 learners later, its success is evident in its ability to scale effectively, and simply. Rather than requiring learners to log on to Meta Blueprint on a laptop (a luxury not everyone has), it puts the power in the pockets of everyone willing to learn. Completely free to use, and super-fun to engage with, this intelligent tech makes learning truly accessible – a goal that excites our team greatly.

And if that’s not enough, the cherry on the cake was the five awards that our partnership scooped recently. We achieved four Silver Awards – namely for Platform Innovation; Channel Innovation; Craft; Bots Messaging and Dark Social plus a Bronze Award for Public Service & NPO Platforms. A far cry from just trophies on a shelf, these awards represent a deeply purposeful project and the power of committed collaboration.

Where other agencies focus on once-off campaigns often dependent on off-the-shelf tech, this campaign is marked by years’ worth of development on our very own SaaS Buildabot. This innovative software allows you to build and maintain journeys easily and quickly, resulting in a mega-intuitive bot able to provide the user with simple guidance through a sequence of steps.

Instead of bots being reserved for the few major companies which can afford the custom development and intel needed to create one, the true beauty of Buildabot is that the platform facilitates a completely codeless building experience. This means that anyone can design, test and deploy their own bot!

We’d love to bring your masterpiece to life with bot technology. Far from the scary concept some think it is, they are the most efficient way to reduce call volumes, queries, aid customers, and guide learners in journeys that were previously cumbersome, complex or costly. Try it out for yourself at

And WhatsApp’s just the beginning: With Telegram and Facebook Messenger development well underway, these bots are ready for their next adventure. Our team would love to hear from you if you have any other custom requirements – otherwise, our handy website showcases all our favourite case studies of the bots our customers have created, and any other info you may need to get started.

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