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Techsys Digital wins new pharmaceutical disruptor Cape Bio Pharms

Cape Bio Pharms enters the bio-medical research market as the disruptor in the space. Most traditional players in this category use expensive cell culture systems, yeast or eggs to produce a wide range of proteins used by life-scientists in their quest for new drug discovery. Cape Bio Pharms, on the other hand, uses a distant cousin of a tobacco plant as its bio-reactor. It's a protein expression system that checks all the boxes of disruptive - cheaper, faster, safer, better. And no animals are involved. But to truly register as the disruptor on the block, you need a digital presence to match.

Enter Techsys Digital – newly appointed to provide Cape Bio Pharms with a range of digital services, including a new website, social and paid media, blog support and SEO. Techsys Digital MD Andrew Walmsley sees the win as the result of the Cape Town-based agency’s track record of driving ROI through the creative use of technology. Speaking on behalf of Techsys, Walmsley says, “We look forward to demonstrating how our culture of thought leadership can yield results for Cape Bio Pharms.”

CEO and Founder of Cape Bio Pharms is Belinda Shaw. “Having an online presence is one thing, but life-scientists by nature are a very critical bunch and providing that insightful and engaging user journey is what we are excited to build with Techsys. Being supported by a deep understanding of social media engagement and informed analytics will play a huge role in building our brand.”

Techsys Digital wins new pharmaceutical disruptor Cape Bio Pharms

Techsys’ strategy team are enthusiastic about unpacking how best to market to Life Scientists – Cape Bio Pharms most critical target audience. This presents an exciting new challenge as they are not typical consumers. By nature they demand evidence, which means advertising to them requires a fresh approach in the digital space.

Cape Bio Pharms is one of a kind in Africa and one of a handful of companies worldwide. Techsys has a central role to play in getting them to a tipping point, as the major job to be done is conveying to the scientific community the benefits of plant-made proteins and to incentivise trial. Their value proposition of “Reproducibility Guaranteed” is a powerful, and perhaps slightly bold, promise to the market. Reproducibility of research results is a major challenge in the life sciences industry. Their portfolio of recombinant fusion proteins are created at the genetic level which means each batch is exactly the same, thereby guaranteeing reproducibility.

“I’m a scientist and I know how devastating it can be when, after weeks of painstaking research, your results are different only to discover it’s the antibody,” says Tamlyn Shaw, Director of Scientific Services. “We ensure each one of our proteins is thoroughly tested and validated before releasing to market. Our customers deserve nothing less.”

Techsys is excited to support this disruptive model, since one of the many positive outcomes of the work of Cape Bio Pharms is to enhance South Africa’s local manufacturing capability to produce more affordable research reagents - which ultimately should mean cheaper and more accessible drugs.

Techsys Digital wins new pharmaceutical disruptor Cape Bio Pharms

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15 Nov 2019 11:40