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How to leverage WhatsApp for your business

Many brands feel that the digital marketing channels available to them are saturated and overused, leading to consumer fatigue.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, presents a new frontier – an untapped space with as yet unchartered potential. In addition, WhatsApp is hands-down the most active social media platform in South Africa, surpassing even the behemoth that is Facebook.

Consumers love using it because it is so cost effective, thanks to special offerings from mobile service providers like Telkom, Vodacom and MTN.

Techsys Digital has created a variety of dynamic WhatsApp campaigns in South Africa for brands including Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan and Tafel Lager.

These campaigns came to life on WhatsApp, since participants could submit selfies, verify a particular product purchase, or answer multiple-choice quizzes. With WhatsApp, we could distribute prizes instantly, taking the hassle out of rewarding consumer engagement.

The major advantage of building an engaged audience on WhatsApp is the relationship-building between consumer and brand that is engendered through the two-way conversational nature of the platform. Multimedia content can be served easily via the WhatsApp in a myriad of formats, from PDFs for brochures and catalogues, to GIFs and videos, and audio files like voice notes or songs. The interactive nature of the app means that it’s also an ideal tool for conducting surveys.

With several global campaigns under our belt, we would love to assist you in strategising and running your next campaign on WhatsApp.

How to leverage WhatsApp for your business

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9 May 2019 16:41