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Coronation launches programme to deepen its CSI impact in South Africa

Through Capsule, Coronation aims to create holistic clusters of support that will enable the youth to thrive.
Coronation launches programme to deepen its CSI impact in South Africa

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The universal truth of this African proverb lies at the heart of Capsule, Coronation's new CSI programme launched this week at an event at Vergenoegd Primary School in Delft.

Providing young South Africans with educational support to reach their full potential is at the core of Coronation's CSI effort. "We are already meaningfully involved in many programmes that target foundation phase education and skills development. But children can't be supported in isolation. They need help from their entire community to rise above their challenges," explains Wendy Bergsteedt, Coronation Group Head of Marketing.

Capsule integrates Coronation's existing individual initiatives into one holistic CSI programme centred on the eco-system surrounding a school.

"Capsule equips not only the children with the training and tools to ensure better learning, but also their parents, teachers and principals," says Bergsteedt. "By combining efforts from different CSI partners focusing on the same school community, the children's lives are touched by more than one of our programmes during their school careers, strengthening their chances of success."

Professor Jonathan Jansen, Distinguished Professor of Education at Stellenbosch University, was a special guest at the launch. "Schools can be fixed by making sure the basics for numeracy and literacy are well established in foundation phase. Investments at this level of education pay over the long term," believes Prof. Jansen.

Capsule's vision is to create sustainable, deep impact through developing:

  • Inspired and ambitious learners who receive a well-rounded foundational education;
  • Motivated and trained teachers who will help learners achieve this goal;
  • Interested and participative parents who support their children's education;
  • Proficient and enthused principals who provide well-run, well-maintained schools and who motivate and support staff, learners and parents;
  • Entrepreneurial thinking embedded at school and adult level.

Coronation will review Capsule's progress twice a year to measure and assess the impact of the programme for the whole Capsule eco-system. It will also run a rolling five-year anthropological study to measure the long-term impact on the learners and their communities.

Where is Capsul launching?

Capsule is being piloted at three primary schools in the Western Cape:

  • St Augustine's Primary School in Parow
  • Sonwabo Primary School in Guguletu
  • Vergenoegd Primary School in Voorbrug, Delft

Success factors of Coronation's CSI approach

Coronation remains committed to programmes for the long run.

Coronation focuses on sustainable, long-term results. Commitment to social interventions spans no less than three years and the aim is to form longstanding relationships with CSI partners and in the schools and communities supported.

Coronation is directly involved in all projects

Coronation visits schools, talks to communities and shapes projects in response to needs. Employees from across Coronation are represented in the CSI committee and volunteer in each of the programmes.

Through Capsule, Coronation will achieve positive change for South Africans

Coronation is firmly committed to the upliftment of South African communities and believes education lies at the heart of breaking the cycle of poverty. The company believes that business can contribute meaningfully to help all South Africans prosper.

"We are optimistic about the future of South Africa and believe that, with effort and focus, we can collectively help the country get on to the right path. The most important thing that we as a company and a country can do right now is provide hope to our youth," says Coronation CEO Anton Pillay. "With South Africa's poor education and high youth unemployment rate, they need hope that they can be educated adequately, opening up opportunities so that they can one day contribute meaningfully to the country." Coronation looks forward to deepening its role in the upliftment of South Africans through the launch of Capsule.

4 Apr 2018 14:25