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Smile 90.4FM Programme Manager announced

Smile 90.4FM are pleased to announce the appointment of their new Programme Manager, Naveen Singh, from 1 January 2019.
Smile 90.4FM Programme Manager announced

Singh, a dynamic, passionate and inspirational leader, with over 25 years in the broadcasting and media environment, has always been actively involved with on-air talent, promotions and all aspects of the broadcasting sphere. With a strong background in broadcasting, not only in South Africa, but also Africa, Singh aims to take the station to new heights.

“I am so excited to be joining the Smile 90.4FM family. The radio station is exactly what our country needs right now and has a unique position in the market. The team at the station are extremely talented and has such momentum at the moment – I hope to add value and help them reach their full potential. I couldn’t think of a better place to work!” said Singh.

As the well-known quote goes, “In this ever-changing world the only constant is change,” and the team at Smile 90.4FM are ready to embrace it. In the station's usual fashion of giving listeners a feeling of positivity through their news positioning of Amplifying the Good News, their music positioning of playing familiar and upbeat 80s, 90s and now and content that is entertaining, authentic and impactful, the Smile 90.4FM airwaves are on the road to become even better.

Since the station took to the airwaves, over five years ago, it has grown from strength to strength and continues to do so.

As testimony to the station’s success, Smile 90.4FM recently received the award for the best Radio Innovation for Amplifying the Good News in the Mother City. “This certainly gives us even more reason to smile,” said Lois O’Brien, Smile 90.4FM Managing Director. “The station’s purpose is to put a smile on every listener’s face and this confirms that our formula, hard work and commitment are paying off.”

9 Jan 2019 13:04