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New survey reveals what motivates South Africans to move jobs

CareerJunction decided to dig a little deeper and asked South Africans what matters to them when it comes to their jobs.
New survey reveals what motivates South Africans to move jobs

Of the 10,500 participants, just over half said that they were satisfied in their jobs. Interestingly though, the majority, 86%, including those who are satisfied in their jobs, revealed that they are actively looking for a new job. What’s more, over 90% said they would move jobs if they received a reasonably good job offer.

So what exactly will it take for South Africans to stay in the current jobs and what are their main motivators for wanting to move jobs?

While company culture and work-life balance played a minor role in motivating participants to leave their jobs, 37% are motivated by better salaries and benefits and 36% by better career growth possibilities.

Despite this, 44% of participants felt that it’s become harder to find a job over the past two years. However, the majority, 56%, remain optimistic that this will improve in the near future.

When asking participants what they currently earn, findings reveal that 32% of participants earn less than R50,000 a year while 36% earn above R150,000 a year.

Go check out our infographic to see what else South Africans had to say about their jobs on

7 Jun 2016 10:36