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Jobs: Fastest growing industries for 2015

Have a look at industry forecasts for 2015.

While it's hard to say with certainty exactly what 2015 has in store, a review of the past year paints a pretty good picture of what's to come for jobseekers.

If you work in the Admin, Education, IT or Motor industries, hold on to your seats as these industries are booming, according to CareerJunction's 2014 annual job review. The last year alone (compared to 2013) saw a growth in job openings of:

  • Over 50% in the Motor industry;
  • 45% in the Education industry;
  • 37% in the IT industry; and
  • 28% in the Admin industry.

The IT industry saw a big upswing all round with salaries rising by a whopping 45%. Software Developers seem to be most sought after, followed by Systems & Network Administrators, Business & System Analysts and Database Administrators.

Mobile job search also seems to be picking up momentum as more and more jobseekers are using this platform to apply for jobs "on the go". CareerJunction's mobile site saw an increase in applications of over 400% in the last year alone.

But while many industries saw a rise in demand for workers from 2013 to 2014, some experienced a drop. Job advertising seemed to have slowed down considerably within the following sectors:

  • Petrochemical (decrease in jobs of 22%).
  • Marketing (decrease in jobs of 6%).

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*Findings should only serve as a guideline for labour market trends and are based on data collected from the CareerJunction website.

2 Feb 2015 10:23