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Résumé Templates - 'cos life's too short to copy and paste

Go grab a fresh macchiato or get tweeting and let CareerJunction's new Résumé Templates do the boring work for you.
Résumé Templates - 'cos life's too short to copy and paste

The nifty new feature allows recruiters to download CVs, found on CareerJunction, into their company's own CV template, automatically.

At first glance it might not seem like such a big deal, but if you're a recruiter (and reading this) you'll know that copying and pasting a CV's contents from one document to another is, well, not the most exciting thing in the world, and a black hole for productivity. Multiply that tedious action x50, per week, and you'll get the picture.

Even mundane tasks like changing fonts, alignment and spacing, on 50 different documents, can make the most optimistic person feel demotivated.

Developed with online recruiters in mind, and a first for South Africa, CareerJunction's new Résumé Templates now gives clients the freedom to download résumés in the layout and format they want, with minimal to no editing required afterwards.

So say bye-bye to carpal tunnel syndrome and do more productive (and fun) things at work by automating your résumé formatting process.

Contact CareerJunction at az.oc.noitcnujreerac@secivrestneilc for more information.

24 Apr 2014 21:50