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Rocket Creative proves their worth

Quite possibly the biggest endorsement a company can receive is by the 'company they keep', i.e. the clients they conduct business and associate with. The company that brands entrust their visual communication strategy to need to have complete faith in their suppliers' capabilities, and the one surefire way to illustrate this is to be able to show your depth and breadth of work and market penetration. This illustrates what projects, and for which companies a supplier has successfully completed work for over an ongoing period of time.
Explains Richard Nilson, company founder and MD of Rocket Creative, "During the almost 15 years since Rocket Creative's inception in 1998 we have been privileged and honoured to have been entrusted by most blue-chip businesses and brands in southern Africa to supply a host of innovative and trendsetting display and branding equipment. We are fortunate to be in a position where our expertise is sought after by both end-user clients as well as their activation and advertising agencies alike, and due to this all-encompassing approach we have managed to develop the business into an industry leader in the display and activation environment."

He adds, "It goes without saying that in order to be a successful design and display business it requires a significant understanding of the industry and an innovative design sense. However, these creative attributes cannot work without being accompanied by a superb manufacturing knowledge, a cost-effective and reliable production capability and super-efficient operational expertise, ensuring the right product, at the right price, at the right time, for the correct application."

Rocket Creative endeavours to provide insightful and knowledgeable client service coupled with informative product range information allowing clients to make accurate and informed product selections based on their specific applications.

After enduring and outlasting many years of the global financial crisis Rocket Creative is well on their way to experience their best years yet, with significant developments already in progress for 2013 and beyond. Watch for our future press releases for info on some game-changing future developments.

Some examples of Rocket Creatives most recent projects:

Rocket Creative proves their worth

For enquiries please contact Rocket Creative Design & Display @ +27(11) 791 3922

7 Nov 2012 11:57