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Rocket Creative sets the trend with Style Tech Display Solutions

Since its launch last year the innovative Style Tech range of aluminium display solutions designed and distributed exclusively by Rocket Creative has been enthusiastically implemented by blue chip clients throughout the advertising and marketing industry whose intention it is to innovatively and aesthetically display their premium brands' identities, products and services.
The modular solutions are used primarily as permanent branding building and informational units, as well as in the repeatedly re-branded activation segment of the market. Says Richard Nilson, Rocket Creative Managing Director and Style Tech's creator, "Our range of units are becoming the go-to solution for corporates where more upmarket aesthetics are required, as opposed to the cheap, entry level roll-up type of branding element. The unique self-standing, curved profile design characteristic delivers the clients' brand identity and communication literature in an eye catching aesthetic that exudes a sophisticated and elegant style."

Accessorised with a menu of branding and functional elements the units are able to be customised on volume enquiries for clients' specific applications.

Rocket Creative sets the trend with Style Tech Display Solutions

27 Jul 2011 12:56