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Spoilt for (FSU) choice with Rocket Creative Design & Display

South Africa's retail display industry encompasses an enormous scope of elements, product variations and applications with all major brands fiercely competing for the hotly contested retail space to grow their sales revenues.
Spoilt for (FSU) choice with Rocket Creative Design & Display

Prominent visibility within retail at the point of purchase significantly influences shoppers purchasing decisions, between 70% - 80% as most reputable surveys have proven. Any brand needing to maintain or grow their respective market share is compelled to have a formidable below-the-line approach.

Richard Nilson, Rocket Creative founder and MD elaborates, "The Rocket Creative crew have a perpetual emphasis on originating innovative design combined with out-of-the-box fabrication methodologies, all the while maintaining the high quality standards that big brands demand. We provide an extensive array of authentic and inventive products to fulfil virtually every product category's retail display requirement. Our emphasis is validated by the quality of our clients, both of intermediary agencies and end users alike that we are proud to service."

Below lists the variety of retail categories the Rocket Creative team services:

Counter Top Product Presenters
This category of unit refers to small, custom designed display elements that are generally placed independently on in-store counters and work surfaces for exposed ' touch and feel ' product presentation.These do not dispense actual product but are purely for product presentation and informational applications, often linked to a product specific launch and/or promotional campaign.

Point of Purchase Product Dispensers
This category represents comparatively compact units that can be placed on shelves and counter tops as and where opportunities arise. Material options and production technique choices are extensive, although almost all are determined by order volume, budget and required life span. They are not only for product enhancement but carry and dispense actual stock Sku's to shoppers

Shelf 'Dominators'
Generally referred to as shelf 'defenders' within the industry, we prefer to call our innovative offering a * Shelf Dominator * due to their significant visual effect. The patent pending units are innovatively crafted to deliver a superb aesthetic impact combined with intentionally designed manufacturing simplicity. Units are purpose built to meet specific shelving width and height parameters, and are available with or without the 7" monitor and internal LED illumination.

Traditional Product Display FSU's
Free standing display units (FSU's) are the most common display unit with all brands for retail applications. However the success of any FSU entails being able to accurately predict its functional requirements. These issues will ultimately decide whether your FSU is suitable for its intended environment and shall ultimately determine the units ROI, an issue that is paramount to any successful in-store strategy. We work closely with every client to ensure that we have correctly identified every potential issue and that the unit delivers flawlessly on every one of the briefs requirements.

In-Category Visual Domination Solutions/using existing structure
An extremely cost effective manner to significantly enhance a brands in-store presence is to essentially 'dress' a retailers existing display shelving with cosmetic elements. This significantly improves the brands in-store exposure whilst not incurring large costs due to the utilisation of the stores existing structures. Creative solutions are based on budget spend, branding longevity and frequency of message refreshment.

Turnkey/Full Install Solutions
This category encompasses a full custom designed turn-key solution, utilising none of a retailers existing fittings i.e. working off a blank design canvas. Although not an often occurrence due to the constraints of the large retail groupings, some of the larger independent retailers allow carte blanche to brands to merchandise a space in their full livery. The result is brands being able to achieve their desired aesthetics combined with ideal stock holding capabilities, tremendously enhancing a brands image and product presentation at point of purchase.

Environment Domination
Larger retailers provide big brands certain large pause areas within their retail spaces for short term displays, ones that dominate their respective category environments for temporary periods.

These are most often timed to coincide with specific ATL campaigns, seasonal promotions or experiential in-store activations

Rocket Creative services all of these category requirements and their depth of experience and understanding of the industry allow their team to develop the correct solutions for your specific product display requirements. Rocket Creative would relish the opportunity to assist you with your brand.

To contact Rocket Creative please call their office on 011 262 4698 to arrange a briefing or send your email enquiries to az.oc.evitaerctekcor@ofni.

About Rocket Creative:

Launched early 1998, Rocket Creative evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry with a core focus on the design and origination of unique display, brand activation, promotional, merchandising & point-of-sale display hardware. Due to their relentless innovative approach they have achieved significant recognition within the industry and are proud to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding product used to promote and activate virtually every blue chip brand on the South African and global markets.

28 Sep 2015 10:16