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ACDOCO expands its natural feel SKYN range with a 20% thinner condom

ACDOCO South Africa, exclusive distributor for SKYN® condoms, the world's number one non-latex condom, has introduced a new offering to the range called SKYN® Elite. This new innovation offers an ultra-thin and soft intimate experience and is 20% thinner than the best-seller, SKYN® Original.
ACDOCO expands its natural feel SKYN range with a 20% thinner condom

SKYN® condoms are made from polyisoprene, a technologically advanced non-latex material. They feel a lot softer than the natural rubber latex or polyurethane condoms you may already know, which means that sex with SKYN® condoms is a lot more comfortable and you really can FEEL EVERYTHING™. With the launch of Elite, SKYN® continues to lead the innovation in the condom category and aims to strengthen its position of number one non-latex condom brand in the world.

Research has shown that users love the feel of SKYN®, as evidenced by very strong satisfaction rate in consumer trials. ACDOCO’s head of marketing, Sarah-Jane Edwards says, “We successfully launched SKYN® Elite a year ago and consumer traction has been highly encouraging. SKYN® Elite is ultra-thin and soft for an ultra-sensitive feeling that takes the experience of the closest thing to wearing nothing, to the next level. The ultra-soft SKYNFEEL™ material gives consumers an incredibly natural feel, full of sensitivity delivering a safe and heightened experience. SKYN® now offers more choice in the natural feel sub-category with Original, Intense Feel (studded), Extra Lube (lubricated) and now Elite (20% thinner than Original).”

12 Jan 2018 13:30