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Just Design Jhb and Energade 'step up their game', with an invigorating new pack design

Energade came out of the starting blocks 28 years ago, in 1993. It was the first drink of its kind in South Africa - targeted at sportsmen and - women - with the aim of improving physical performance through formulated hydration.
Just Design Jhb and Energade 'step up their game', with an invigorating new pack design

Since then, it has managed to evolve with its audience, in an ever-growing (and incredibly competitive) sports drink category. That being said, this iconic household name has never quite managed to fully shed the perception that it is primarily reserved for high-performing athletes... Until now, that is.

Our modern lifestyles are more demanding than ever - forcing us consumers to seek out any solution that promises improved body performance and function. This shift has allowed Energade to start increasing their target audience: from very niche high performing athletes to the much broader everyday ‘activistas’.

Enter our packaging upgrade solution:

Just Design Jhb and Energade 'step up their game', with an invigorating new pack design

Bold, impactful and drawing visual inspiration from the ever-popular energy drink category. The previous look and feel struggled to compete with Powerade’s strong shelf presence, and to be honest, was quite difficult to navigate. We stuck to solid design principles, and stripped out all non-essential elements whilst upweighting logo and coverage of the motherbrand colour. We added a strong diagonal break for dynamism and optical shelf disruption, and pushed for a metalised substrate to really add some punch and differentiation.

This new pack has pushed Energade into the lead in terms of shelf impact, leaving competitors wanting... And with this new look, comes a whole new range of consumers – from the professional athletes to the everyday drinker looking to perform at their best.

With Energade firmly on the winning podium, one can only look to the future for some exciting innovations that truly start to re-define the category!

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About Just Design

For over 20 years, Just Design has proven time and again that good thinking leads to great creative. With a national footprint and accounts across Africa, Middle East and Europe, they are the strategic design and innovation partners for many blue-chip clients and global brands, and are one of South Africa’s leading innovation, strategy and design agencies.

About Energade

Energade Sports Drinks have been developed to deliver a rapidly available and effective source of carbohydrates and electrolytes to help replenish minerals lost through sport and exercise. Available in a range of flavours and formats: ready-to-drink and concentrate.

11 Oct 2021 13:49