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Gorilla DO:Digital with Shield Deodorant

Shield Deodorant, the number one selling anti-perspirant brand on Earth, has tapped digital agency Gorilla Creative Media to bring the DO:More Attitude alive for South Africa's online men and women.
Gorilla's mandate will be to align the brand's presence on numerous social media and digital platforms with Shield's Do:More positioning, landing the brand positioning with online consumers.

"We're thrilled by the prospect of channeling a brand so driven by movement and energy in the digital space. Bringing their spirit alive online is going to be our primary focus. It's a big, wide world, with endless opportunities to go out and do something. Our goal is to capture that sense of awe and enthusiasm for action on a screen," said Michelle McEwan, Gorilla's Managing Director.

Whether it's exercise, career, sports or a hobby, Shield will inspire and motivate their fans to get out there and do more of what they are passionate about. Nothing should hold them back from going after success.

"We want our online presence to be a voice of support and encouragement. Our consumers know what they need to get done. Our job is to motivate, inspire and ultimately, support them in achieving their goals, then give them a big slap on the back and a round of applause when they're successful," commented Bruce Brauteseth, Brand Manager for Shield South Africa. "Social Media allows us to be part of their support team. We're a voice in the ear reminding fans that hard work and commitment turns dreams into realities."

Fans of the brand will be able to get the latest on local events, tips on exercise techniques and content that motivates them to strive to do more with their day, including product information and updates on the latest campaigns, contests, events and promotions.

Shield Deodorant is Gorilla's second client out of the Unilever deodorant stable; they launched AXE into social media three years ago, and have been lead agency on brand strategy and digital ever since, recently launching the platform.

About Shield

Shield Deodorant is a global leader in sweat protection, delivering body-responsive results to keep you cool no matter how hard you make it work. Whether it's business or pleasure, Shield's antiperspirant technology keeps you dry, confident and able to push the limits even further.

Shield can be found online at

About Gorilla


We are Gorilla. You can think of us as a digital agency helping brands and companies meet marketing and business objectives through creative, digital solutions. We see ourselves as a group of creative people privileged to have the opportunity to do really cool stuff. We are honoured to take on the voice of some of South Africa's leading brands and, through design, creative, strategy or daydream, we work so that every interaction a fan or follower has with a brand is a good one.

We build brand love. And we love doing it.

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Gorilla is doing more digital
Gorilla is doing more digital

4 Jun 2014 15:06