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Power-UP! The anti-load shedding channel

In a time when South Africans feel helpless and crippled by load shedding, Openview is once again stepping up as a beacon of light and giving households non-stop entertainment with their favourite shows. The industry-first initiative also adds value to brands and advertisers by repeating their ads on a pop-up channel 18 hours per day, every day.

“We’ve got you, South Africa - as a brand of our own, we believe it’s the little things we do to support households that will make a difference in the long run.”

Power-UP! The anti-load shedding channel

Catch it when you catch it, as long as you catch it – with 18 hours daily of local dramas, Power-UP! is the new pop-up channel that ensures viewers never miss a show again – no matter how your load shedding schedule changes.

Power-UP! (Channel 114 on Openview) is available from 23 January 2023 and will repeat all the hit prime-time shows like Durban Gen, House of Zwide, Scandal!, and Imbewu from Monday to Friday, running with 2-hour loops. The channel will be on from 6am - midnight every day. The Black Door will repeat on weekends from 11pm.

Afrikaans telenovela true-at-hearts will also not be lost in the dark … Power-UP! will showcase the omnibus repeats of all the best-loved Afrikaans dramas on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). #DisComplicated, Daai Crazy Somer, Die Vertroueling, and more will be available if you missed it during the week due to load shedding.

Openview - currently powering up more than 3 million homes with great entertainment!

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20 Jan 2023 12:30