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Bluegrass Digital creates cutting-edge mobile money site

Bluegrass Digital, one of South Africa's leading digital production agencies, has recently designed, developed and launched a new mobile site for that provides a specific mobile experience for users. is a 100% unbiased, forward-thinking website that allows users to compare, review and rate financial products, as well as apply for them online, instantly. Their website has provided a vast number of products for comparison, but have never offered a suitable mobile experience for users.

Since the inception of mobile phones, the way in which people browse and interact online has changed. And, with ever-changing mobile technologies and ever-increasing online presence of mobile users, it has simply become good business practice to enable customers to access products and services via their mobile device.

A freshly cut mobile site

Bluegrass Digital's Director of Operations, Mark Hawkins, said, " is South Africa's largest independent financial comparison platform, and the real challenge with the mobile site lay in the need to organise a busy website, with a high number of products, into a seamless and easy to use mobile browsing experience."

Designed from ground up,'s mobile site incorporates some of the latest ideas surrounding phone detection methods, technology and best practices, including the jQuery Mobile Framework, to create a framework compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers.

Since its launch, ThinkMoney's mobile site has received an impressive 1500 visits a day. added, "We were very happy with the result and have received positive feedback from users and our team. We enjoyed working with Bluegrass and they made the process clear and easy for us to make decisions at each stage."

"Mobile web development is a service that is being requested more and more by our clients and we are busy with a number of mobile application projects for phone and tablets. Social Media used to be the buzzword of the day, but there is a new sheriff in town - Mobile App development," says Mark.

Bluegrass Digital creates cutting-edge mobile money site

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