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Everlytic releases affordable Microsoft Dynamics messaging plugin

Everlytic has just released a new plugin for Microsoft's CRM software, Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows businesses to send automated, Everlytic-powered bulk email and SMS messages directly from their Dynamics dashboard, targeting the right audience based on client interaction with their messages and lead status. This expands business potential with one unified platform for CRM and marketing needs.
Everlytic releases affordable Microsoft Dynamics messaging plugin

JanDirk Engelbrecht, Everlytic’s Managing Director, says, “We find great satisfaction in connecting businesses with their customers in a convenient way. This integration brings the power of our communications platform directly into Dynamics 365 for a native experience that delivers.”

Dynamics 365 plugin features

Everlytic’s plugin for Dynamics 365 optimises customer data and gives organisations the convenience of managing client engagement in one single place. Features include:

  • Contact and database management
  • Basic email template creation
  • Bulk email & SMS
  • Drag-and-drop email builder via iframe
  • Automated email & SMS via workflows
  • Transactional messages
  • Analytics & message filters

“Until now, Dynamics 365 customers have had extremely limited and unattractive options when it came to managing communications from the platform. We are very excited to offer a quality solution at a fair price.”

Dynamics 365 plugin benefits

Using Everlytic’s Dynamics 365 plugin simplifies lead generation efforts by enabling organisations to manage all their customer engagement in one place. It also enables them to:

  • Map lead journeys so they can target their audiences according to where they are in the buying journey.
  • Use Everlytic’s sending infrastructure to ensure that their messages reach the inbox.
  • Have a holistic view of their customers and how they interact with messages.
  • Send and automate communication using software that’s intuitive and easy to install.
  • Manage user access and auditing with settings directly linked to Everlytic via API.

“Selling is all about presenting the right product to the right customer at the right time. Collecting and interpreting data is a great first step, but effectively activating this insight will grow your business; this is where we believe Everlytic, through our Dynamics 365 plugin, could be a growth partner.”

The Everlytic Dynamics 365 plugin combines the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Everlytic, enabling seamless, reliable, and intelligent communication and customer engagement via email and SMS. It’s a game-changing piece of software for any business.

For more information, contact Everlytic.

4 Oct 2019 11:48