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Risk is sweet for the Development Bank of Southern Africa

One week. Sixteen speakers. And icandi COMMUNICATIONS was DBSA's choice to be the vehicle of information for knowledge and security. And when you have both knowledge and security - what more could you ask for?

A communication strategy devised and implemented by icandi COMMUNICATIONS used Chess as its platform theme: It is not a game of chance and - much like business - it involves taking calculated risks rather than leaving things to the hands of fate.

From online teasers and posters, to emailers and desk drops, icandi COMMUNICATIONS boasts a rich pool of talent that transforms communication tools into a medium that employees are actually attracted to. The only way to be heard and to ensure maximum participation in a corporation of the DBSA's size, is to understand the channels that are most trusted by employees.

Equipping your staff with the dexterity to deal with Risk, Crisis Management and Business Continuity, makes for a robust company. icandi COMMUNICATIONS and the DBSA produced these elements on all levels - and the DBSA rolled out it's week long Risk Awareness campaign from 10 to 14 November, 2008.

To engage employees to buy in over a long term and commit to identifying where the company is - and where it wants to be - involves meticulous research and accurate projections. “icandi COMMUNICATIONS played a vital role in drafting a communications strategy that was both in alignment with our theme, and assisted us in achieving our objectives - an increased commitment to, and by the Bank,” says Kim Lombard, Business Continuity Coordinator within the Operational Risk Unit of the Development Bank of Southern Africa. “The Risk Awareness Week has added value to the operations of the Bank by bringing us closer in terms of our different roles and responsibilities, and how we can work together to compliment one another as a team.”

icandi COMMUNICATIONS' MD Kim Nelson, asserts that, the ultimate success for a campaign is in the relentless search for the perfect balance between Strategy, Art Direction and Copy that will engage, entice - and ultimately deliver enthusiasm, participation and results from your staff.

“The journey began two years ago when the Bank took the decision to strengthen Risk Management,” outlines Leonie van Lelyveld, Chief Risk Officer for the Devlopment Bank of Southern Africa. “Creating awareness around Risk starts conversations, and this consciousness can be leveraged as a competitive advantage for an organisation like the DBSA. Not only does the Bank aim to strengthen Risk Management from within, but to impact each and every project that the Bank finances.”

The week was a tremendous success reaching a spectrum of 700 employees within their divisions, and across board as well. To provide staff with orientation and awareness and to change the mindset and perceptions, through a shared knowledge, is no small feat.

icandi COMMUNICATIONS. Results driven communication from the inside out.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with the inside out communication specialists. Your employees are the best ambassadors you have. We will enhance that power and be the clincher in your brand building efforts.

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11 Dec 2008 10:52