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Meet the self-proclaimed "craving specialist" behind Chicken Licken's #CureTheCraving campaign

Chicken Licken® Hotwings® have become a national addiction for Mzansi. The craving for these spicy wings has become a cause for concern. That's why Chicken Licken® has launched #CureTheCraving, a campaign by Joe Public depicting the extent to which one would go to satisfy their Hotwings® craving.
Meet the self-proclaimed "craving specialist" behind Chicken Licken's #CureTheCraving campaign

To execute their cheeky big idea for the campaign, Joe Public had to create a fitting and memorable character who would embody Chicken Licken's tongue-in-cheek flair. The result was Dr.Dokta, a self-proclaimed "craving specialist" who uses unconventional and sometimes controversial methods to cure the Hotwings® craving, such as the Notwings Meditation, the Teabag Hypnosis, the NoFire Drops, and the infamous Rekere Method. The campaign now centres around this new character, bringing his unique methods to life.

Patriot's Anton Visser directed the TVC, featuring the famous Dr. Dokta as a special guest on a TV show, which hints at the scale of his popularity and the nation's curious interest in his mission. The TVC follows Dr. Dokta as he helps South Africans from all walks of life, including the President, curb their craving, often reciting his infamous slogan: SAY NOT TO WINGS. However, at the end of the TVC, it is revealed that Dr. Dokta's true intention is to keep Chicken Licken Hotwings® all to himself by "curing" South Africans of their Hotwings® craving. The plot twist confirms what all South Africans already know: when the craving’s got you, it’s got you.

To assist Dr. Dokta in achieving his mission, the integrated campaign includes a range of additional elements. To start with, Dr. Dokta has an X (formerly know as Twitter) page where he reaches out to users through spam tweets whenever they tweet about their Hotwings® craving, offering his services. Furthermore, his ads can be found in the classified sections of three newspapers. Additionally, he has a website, ( that hosts his method videos, testimonials, his products (which are always sold out) and so much more. Lastly, Dr. Dokta has also created a Cure the Craving Hotline, where desperate consumers can call him on 0875376040 to have their craving cured. These various elements work together to support Dr.Dokta's mission and provide a range of ways for people to connect with him and access his services.

When asked about the campaign Xolisa Dyeshana, chief creative officer at Joe Public, says, "Dr. Dokta’s extreme measures to keep Chicken Licken® Hotwings® all to himself is inspired by a simple South African truth - that when the craving’s got you, it’s got you. The #CureTheCraving campaign is a noble move by our Chicken Licken client - a testament to what happens when creativity meets bravery.”

1 Nov 2023 13:51