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The commercial toilet of choice

Propelair is an international, London-based cleantech company that produces one of the world's lowest water-flush toilets. Engineered for commercial and public use, our technology reinvents a sanitation system that had remained unchanged for over 200 years!

Our mission is to save the planet one flush at a time. Our innovation enables a flush that only uses 1.5lt of water, a fraction compared to the traditional option that utilizes an average of six to nine litres per flush. By replacing 9 litres of water with 60 litres of air to propel just 1.5 litres of water into existing drains, we contribute to better waste management to help create a more sustainable future and save millions of litres of water, and its cost, per annum.

Product and installation benefits are vast and includes:
  • Waste is cleared in just two seconds, using 1.5 litres of water. That is a saving of 7.6 litres per flush!

  • Reducing water consumption, and its cost is instant and permanent.

  • Savings can be measured on an ongoing basis and with precision.

  • Payback can be achieved in as little as one year.

  • Saving can be accurately calculated through our per-customer-case-study, prior to making any investments.

  • Propelair reduces water and sewage bills by up to 60%.

  • Cut Carbon footprint and energy consumption by up to 80% by reducing resources required for water and waste processing.

  • The strong, durable design and effective installation significantly reduces maintenance cost.

  • Improve Hygiene: Flushing a conventional toilet creates a "sneeze effect," spraying 40% - 60% of particles, bacteria, viruses and moisture up to 2 meters above the toilet seat, contaminating surrounding washroom surfaces and getting drawn into ventilation systems to travel throughout the building. With Propelair's unique closable lid, the faecal-oral transmission path is blocked, and germs are trapped within the bowl and then efficiently removed with its powerful air flush, creating a more hygienic and healthier washroom environment for users.

  • Antimicrobial additives in the SteriTouch® handle help reduce germs and minimises the risk of infection.

  • Odours are reduced thanks to Propelair's unique closable lid.

  • Propelair's rimless pan and side hinges make previously hard-to-clean areas easily accessible, ensuring that a high level of cleaning and hygiene can be maintained.

  • Queue time in high traffic areas is reduced as Propelair toilets refills within 30 seconds of flushing, comparing favourably to the 2 - 3 minute conventional system.

  • Its durable design means that Propelair is well suited for heavy use, high traffic areas and challenging environments.

  • The transparent ABS plastic lid is not only an eye-catching differentiator but visibly gives the user confidence in the effectiveness of the flush action.

  • Propelair unit can be retrofitted to existing drainage systems and does not require special plumbing or extension of existing draining systems. It is also suitable for off-grid applications.