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Going off-grid, a necessity not everyone can afford
In a recent article by the Daily Investor quoting economist, Dawie Roodt, it was noted that businesses and individuals are becoming more productive and using less electricity when units of electricity consumed in order to produce economic output are compared from 2007 to 2022. In addition, the private sector is slowly increasing their electricity generation capacity mainly through installation and use of solar power. South Africa is at, what I believe, is a tipping point. One where resourceful South Africans are planning to have consistent utility supplies at home or in the office, to remain productive, connected and to run a basic household or office. 5 Apr 2023 Read more

Residential buyers remain prudent despite interest rate peak and budget speech promise
In late January, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) hiked interest rates for the eighth consecutive time, by 25 basis points, taking the repo rate to 7.25% and the prime interest rate to 10.75%. This is in an ongoing effort, by the South African Reserve Bank, to curb inflation which has been on the rise. 6 Mar 2023 Read more

South Africa's rental market to continue upward trajectory into 2023
There is no doubt that South Africans are under increasing financial pressure. This is due to the current high interest rates, rising inflation and economic uncertainty; exacerbated by things like ongoing load shedding, weak employment growth and petrol price hikes. 20 Dec 2022 Read more

New residents with diverse skills are breathing life into smaller towns
The semigration trend is creating an influx of skills and purchasing power into smaller towns that are attractive for relocation and towns with aging populations are seeing an influx of younger families who are taking full advantage of the Zoom town boom. 1 Dec 2022 Read more

Meridian Realty wins top regional award
Meridian Realty has been awarded the Best Real Estate Agency for a Single Office in South Africa '22/'23 in the 29th annual International Property Awards (IPA). In addition, the company was an award winner for Real Estate Agency Marketing in South Africa. Meridian was also a nominee in the Best Real Estate Agency Single Office in the Africa and Arabia category. 4 Nov 2022 Read more

Taking your home off grid - what property experts say
South Africans have been dealt a number of blows in the past couple of years, notes Antonie Goosen, principal and owner of Meridian Realty. There was the devastating drought in the Western Cape, the onset of Covid-19 and the impact it had on household incomes, last year's riots and looting, and the most recent flooding in KZN. 2 May 2022 Read more

Using tech to automate legal documents in real estate
In a first for South Africa, the property industry now has an online offer to purchase (OTP) generator that automates the process and produces a customised digital document that fulfils all legal requirements. The automated OTP was developed by Meridian Realty over the past six months and forms part of the larger Meridian Connect CRM System. 22 Mar 2022 Read more

PPA an improvement on previous legislation, but greater clarity needed
According to Antonie Goosen, principal and founder of Meridian Realty, while the new Property Practitioners Act (PPA) is an improvement on the previous legislation that helped to govern the industry, more clarity is needed on some important points during the interim phase. 21 Feb 2022 Read more

Overberg benefits from 'Zoom town' phenomenon
The advent of work from anywhere and the resultant migration of families within South Africa has not only had a ripple effect on Central Business Districts around the country, but the new Zoom town phenomenon is now moving inland, where it was initially predominantly restricted to coastal towns. 25 Jan 2022 Read more

Housing market set to level out, greater proptech adoption in 2022
According to Antonie Goosen, principal and founder of Meridian Realty, the recent interest rate hike, growing limited inventory for buyers, higher prices, and the continued flexibility to work remotely will see the housing market level out in 2022 from the growth experienced in the past year. However, it by no means will turn down, he says, as growth in property prices and trends like first-time homebuyers joining the property market will continue. 7 Dec 2021 Read more