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The Innovator Trust was created to support the growth of small black-owned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) businesses in South Africa. Our programmes facilitate training that develops their skills as business owners.
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New Tech Entrepreneurship Xperience (T.E.X) launches, charting the path for the entrepreneur of the future
South African ICT entrepreneurship training facilitator, the Innovator Trust, announced the launch of a new event, the Tech Entrepreneurship Xperience (T.E.X), set to take place on 15 September 2022, with the aim of charting the path for the entrepreneur of the future. 29 Aug 2022 Read more

Aspiring young entrepreneurs graduate from Innovator Trust Yep programme
Local incubation facilitator, the Innovator Trust, announced 39 graduates from their 2021 Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (Yep). 29 Jul 2022 Read more

Innovator Trust announces incubation opportunity for tech-based small businesses
Call for applications to the Innovator Trust 2023/24 Enterprise Development (ED) incubation programme have officially opened! 27 Jul 2022 Read more

Young entrepreneurs succeed in keeping South Africans connected during loadshedding
Since 2008, the concept of loadshedding has been a reality that citizens have had to contend with as part of normal, day-to-day life. Despite numerous interventions to stabilise the country's electricity supply, little relief has been felt in the homes and workplaces of South Africans who remain in the dark and disconnected with no access to affordable, alternative solutions. For three young entrepreneurs, Brian Gadisi, Alan Gie and Themba Hadebe, the loadshedding crises presented an opportunity for innovation that is making a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of South Africans across the country by keeping the Wi-Fi on even when the power is off. 18 May 2022 Read more

Top 10 YEP business presentations beneficiaries pitch ideas for community empowerment
The Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), the flagship youth incubation program facilitated by the Innovator Trust, held its fifth annual YEP business presentations from 28 February-2 March 2022 to an all-virtual panel of business executives from across South Africa. 22 Mar 2022 Read more

SA training college committed to developing youth and women in tech
In the last few years, we've seen great innovation across various industries, breakthroughs for marginalised communities and a digital revolution that has impacted every aspect of our lives. Although these are milestones to be celebrated, there is still so much more that needs to be done when it comes to developing the presence of women in the technology and innovation space. 28 Feb 2022 Read more

Epic Women Entrepreneur's Leadership Series to launch in Cape Town, Feb 2022
In efforts to contribute to South Africa's Covid-19 response strategy, the providers of the Agility and Resilience course have entered into a partnership with Innovator Trust. The objective of this partnership is to mitigate and adapt to the impact and consequences of Covid-19. It is necessary to form such partnerships as the scale of the impact of Covid-19 on businesses calls for a multi-organisational response. The parties to this partnership are socially responsible organisations that have demonstrated commitment to socio-economic development. 2 Feb 2022 Read more

SA youth keeping you online during load-shedding
How does any entrepreneur respond to an environment of flux, restrictions, and challenges? Well, for the young minds at the fore of Arion Power, the answer is with excitement and tenacity. The can-do spirit of the youth and determination to penetrate the business world cannot be restricted. The find a job or start your own business motto, though bold and admirable, is much easier said than done. For the team at Arion Power however, the decision was unanimous when they chose to embrace the opportunity created by South Africa's energy crisis, starting a business, creating jobs and preventing the loss of thousands of man hours to our online world. Whether you're a student, parent or business owner in the online economy, these guys have the answer to keeping you connected no matter what the outage. Here is their story... 22 Dec 2021 Read more

Women in Technology Dare To Dream bigger for SA small business sector
The Innovator Trust 2021 Women In Tech Appreciation Experience was hosted on Thursday, 4 November 2021, with a bold call to action to South African women to Dare To Dream. 12 Nov 2021 Read more

Women entrepreneurs unite to envision a future South Africa, driven by technology
There is a movement of women on the rise committed to taking up space and building a new South Africa through technology and business. 20 Oct 2021 Read more

Matsi Kolobe on founding a female, Black-owned digital agency and the human side to entrepreneurship
From brokenness to breakthrough, that has been the entrepreneurial journey for Matsidiso Kolobe, CEO and founder of Leseli Creative, a Cape Town-based advertising and marketing agency specialising in native languages as a primary form of communication. 3 Sep 2021 Read more

The Innovator Trust making a difference, one young entrepreneur at a time
With Youth Month concluded, it is not without adversity for South African youth who are battling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a waning economy and an alarming youth unemployment rate. Despite the challenges facing the country's youth, the Innovator Trust have intensified their efforts towards making a difference in the lives of young South Africans. 23 Jul 2021 Read more

Innovator Trust launches opportunity for ICT startups less than two years old
The Innovator Trust announced the launch of a new incubation programme targeted at young, startup entrepreneurs in the ICT sector. The Start-Up Programme seeks to respond to the need for formal assistance that most young entrepreneurs find lacking particularly in the early days starting out in business. The programme kicked off with a dynamic social media campaign on Instagram, #MyStartUpMyStory, a drive to encourage young business owners who have been operating for less than two years, to share their startup story in order to be considered for a spot in the first intake of businesses to the Start-Up Programme. 21 Jun 2021 Read more

The Innovator Trust launches FIN1k programme, tackling financial literacy in Youth Month
In accordance with Youth Month, the Innovator Trust has announced the launch of an exciting initiative aimed at upskilling 1,000 young people across South Africa, with the financial literacy knowledge they need to thrive in the modern-day economy. 21 Jun 2021 Read more