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LG's philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives.
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Ziyakhala Waya Waya - LG is turning up the volume on the party scene in 2023
LG Electronics has announced the South African release of its latest party-starting XBoom RN speaker range. Some of LG's most powerful sound equipment is set to hit our shores in March 2023, helping take events all over Mzansi up a notch. 28 Mar 2023 Read more

Top SA Gamer, Mister Flak's honest review: LG's OLED C1 vs C2
Console gaming is one of the most popular forms of gaming, with record stats showing there are 800 million console gamers around the world. Impressive yes, but even more awe-inspiring is the new technology coming to the fore to fuel the gaming craze. Consoles nowadays are designed to give gamers the best possible experience with revved-up graphics, high frame rates, and super-fast gameplay. But without a top-quality display to go with their consoles, gamers simply won't experience their games' full potential. 22 Feb 2023 Read more

Tips for increasing productivity
The new year is already in full swing but it's never too late to get those new year's resolutions on track. Follow these four easy tips if you're looking to be more productive in 2023. 22 Feb 2023 Read more

Gauteng residents: Final week to enter the LG Ambassador Challenge and win funding up to R150,000
LG Electronics' Global Ambassador Challenge is underway and still open to Gauteng-based residents with innovative and sustainable ideas aimed at empowering their communities. Entries are open until Sunday, 12 February, so time is running out for NGOs and individuals to enter. [To enter the LG Global Ambassador Challenge, submit your proposal here.] 8 Feb 2023 Read more

"I've never enjoyed gaming more" - SA gamer Super Dave gives a super review of the LG OLED evo C2
Most of us grew up playing video games with simple graphics on box-shape TVs, never imagining how technology would change the way we experience our favourite hobby. Along with the explosion of innovation in this industry, game developers have taken up the challenge to create the best-looking games to complement the TV's built-in features and enable a realistic, next-gen gaming experience that would've blown away your younger self! 31 Jan 2023 Read more

LG calls on Gauteng residents to enter the Ambassador Challenge and win funding for community projects
LG Electronics is calling on Gauteng residents to apply for and participate in the LG Global Ambassador Challenge, the company's annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that promotes sustainable solutions and works to solve social issues in local communities. 24 Jan 2023 Read more

LG's new OLED TV with Zero Connect technology redefines freedom to design your space
A stunning achievement, the larger-than-life 97-inch OLED TV comes with real-time video and audio wireless transmission up to 4K 120Hz. 17 Jan 2023 Read more

LG committed to relentless innovation, delivering better life for all
Under the theme of Life's Good, CEO William Cho shared the company's continuous efforts to create innovation for a better life and ensure a sustainable future for all at a recent press conference titled LG World Premiere, during CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 16 Jan 2023 Read more

LG TVs up the ante by providing expanded selection of gamer-centric services all in one place
LG Electronics (LG) is demonstrating its strong commitment to delivering a premium TV gaming experience that offers enhanced convenience through the new webOS UI featuring a dedicated gaming hub, the addition of cloud gaming service Amazon Luna and buttery-smooth gameplay at 4K 60 FPS streaming via NVIDIA GeForce NOW on its latest TVs recently featured at CES 2023. 13 Jan 2023 Read more

LG showcases upgraded culinary life with its new kitchen solutions at CES 2023
LG Electronics (LG) showcased an upgraded culinary life experience at CES® 2023 with its latest, upgradable kitchen appliances to deliver better customer experiences and value. The LG QuadWash® Pro dishwasher, LG InstaView® Combination Double Wall Oven, Electric Double Slide-in Range, and Over-the-Range Microwave Oven boast powerful, efficient performance thanks to the company's advanced technologies, and outstanding convenience courtesy of seamless LG ThinQ™ integration. 11 Jan 2023 Read more

LG's 2023 soundbars enrich home entertainment with immersive audio and versatile features
With convenient functions, enhanced LG tv integration and powerful sound, company's latest models provide excellent user experiences and consumer value. 29 Dec 2022 Read more

How to use digital signage to your advantage during peak shopping seasons
Consumers often associate the month of December with bonuses, thirteenth cheques, and generous spirits. But, for retailers, peak shopping periods hopefully translate into more sales. An innovative way to up the ante and out-promote competitors is to capture consumers' attention with digital signage. 22 Dec 2022 Read more

LG presents ESG vision for a 'Better Life for All' at CES 2023
Company's promise for the future and innovations for the planet and people will be on full display in the 'Better Life for All' Zone. 21 Dec 2022 Read more

LG delivers year-round comfort and elegance with new Art Cool Gallery at CES 2023
With a stylish design, personalised content and LG's renowned dual inverter, new residential air conditioner creates a chic and comfortable living environment 20 Dec 2022 Read more

LG launches UltraGear gaming monitors with world's first 240Hz OLED panel
Boasting the fastest OLED performance of any UltraGear Models, company's new 27-inch and 45-inch monitors deliver next-level gaming immersion. 20 Dec 2022 Read more

LG announces incredible deals on home appliances and more for this year's Festive Sale
LG Electronics has announced massive savings on a range of its latest home appliances and home entertainment products. From its selection of innovative microwaves, fridges, and dishwashers to energy-efficient washing machines and world-class TVs, this year's Life's Good Celebration Festive Sale offers something for everyone looking to modernise their lifestyle with amazing products. Here are the promotions to keep an eye out for this festive season. 15 Dec 2022 Read more

The perfect gift this holiday: LG OLED TVs
The holidays are a time for family. And, sometimes, the perfect way to spend quality time together is with a classic festive flick. Watching TV at home during the holidays can be a great way to relax and unwind after a busy year. It's also an opportunity to bond with your loved ones and catch up on everyone's favourite shows. 13 Dec 2022 Read more

5 binge-worthy series to watch for their award-winning sound
With so many streaming platforms available in South Africa today - each with a seemingly endless list of shows and movies to choose from - it's often hard to decide which series to watch. But beyond a gripping storyline and stunning cinematography, something that can make a show truly unforgettable is its sound. From a moving musical score to realistic sound effects vibrating through your living room from all directions, quality sound (supported by a great surround sound system) can really make or break the cinematic experience. 30 Nov 2022 Read more

Smart ways technology can be used to support a greener lifestyle
Load-shedding is a frustration for all South Africans. While many individuals are rushing to invest in alternative energy solutions like solar panels to manage this, sustainable choices for homes and offices are becoming more topical. With issues like climate change, the rapid degradation of our natural resources, and an energy crisis at play, living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Technology has an important role to play in this process and innovative approaches, such as LG's ThinQ technology, are leading the way. 29 Nov 2022 Read more

LG Black November SALE - Save up to R8,000 on LG TVs and audio
LG Electronics has officially announced its Black Friday specials. For the entire month of November, a range of innovative home entertainment products will be on sale. For consumers looking to turn up the volume this festive season - or turn their living rooms into a world-class cinema - this year's Life's Good Celebration Black November sale is the perfect chance to save big on upgrading your lounge. 7 Nov 2022 Read more

The role of HVAC in energy efficiency - and workplace productivity
Considering how much time many of us spend in indoor workplace environments, the comfort and quality of the air around us isn't something we should take for granted. A good heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system not only keeps us comfortable, it also improves physical health and well-being. But with increasing energy costs, organisations are also faced with the challenge of managing their energy consumption more efficiently. Organisations therefore need to find HVAC solutions that not only provide clean air and a comfortable work environment but that also prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability. 28 Oct 2022 Read more

LG launches latest models of game-changing True 4K OLED and QNED TVs
LG's latest models, upgraded features, and True 4K and 8K displays have set a new standard for home cinema. 20 Oct 2022 Read more

LG launches Air Solutions office in Brackenfell, Cape Town
LG Electronics, renowned for its optimized HVAC solutions for all climate needs, recently announced the brand-new opening of an Air Solutions showroom, academy and office in Brackenfell, Western Cape. This facility will offer dedicated Air Solutions support for consultants, contractors and HVAC industry professionals, and opened its doors on 14 October 2022. 19 Oct 2022 Read more

The 2022 Korean Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup a big success
The South African Open Championship portion of the Korean Ambassador's Taekwondo Cup 2022 was held on Saturday, 10 September 2022, at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. 15 Sep 2022 Read more

Save energy, money, and peace of mind with the LG Dual Inverter Compressor
Africa is known for many things, including our hot summers and cold winters. While some parts of South Africa may be spared from snow and frost, we still crave the comfort of a warm and cosy home. However, achieving this comfortable cocoon can get costly. 29 Aug 2022 Read more

LG shows it cares and donates fridges to the Johannesburg Children's Home
Known for their continued commitment to empowering South Africans to lead better lives through technology and innovation, LG Electronics has donated seven fridges to the Johannesburg Children's Home. This generous donation forms part of their corporate citizenship programme, which is driven by partnerships between local community citizens and dedicated NGOs. 19 Aug 2022 Read more

LG Electronics champions sustainability this World Environment Month
Celebrated on 5 June every year, World Environment Day aims to encourage awareness around sustainable living in an effort to celebrate, protect, and restore our planet. First observed in 1973, the day is a chance to support available, affordable, and attractive ways for people to live more sustainably. As the world celebrated World Environment Day, South Africa is celebrating National Environment Month with LG Electronics leading the charge. 17 Jun 2022 Read more

Celebrate the Good Life with millions in savings in the LG Life's Good celebration sale
For those looking to upgrade their homes and grab great deals on premium products, LG Electronics has just announced a massive product sale starting 18 May 2022! LG has a long-standing history of bringing quality home electronics to the people of South Africa and is known for being first-to-market with innovative solutions that make life better. 19 May 2022 Read more

Innovate and adapt: How the world of outdoor advertising has evolved
The world around us is constantly changing - a process that's been accelerated by the development of new and exciting technologies. In terms of outdoor advertising, we've come a long way since the first billboards were created to attract travellers on long and winding roads. Advertising is one of the oldest industries around, and yet it remains as relevant today as it was decades ago. 27 Oct 2021 Read more

More sustainable HVAC solutions for climate and cost savings
The world has long passed the stage where we can turn our backs on the realities of global warming and our role in it. Add to that the ever-increasing costs of electricity and incessant power outages due to overconsumption of this resource, and business owners have no choice but to take drastic action, and fast. 29 Sep 2021 Read more

Attention and engagement: The power of digital displays
Digital marketers have found themselves having to keep up with the latest market trends and, as we know, these are constantly evolving. The reason for this is simple; today's digital age has accelerated change, and brought with it so many new and exciting ways to do business, especially in the world of marketing. 26 Aug 2021 Read more

Sustainable solutions: How LG's product innovation is driving positive change
The topic of sustainability has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. And with a heightened focus on climate change and environmental protection, more businesses are looking for ways to utilise their resources more efficiently while delivering high-quality, eco-friendly products and services. In the same breath, individuals are making more conscious decisions regarding the brands they invest in, turning their attention (and wallets) to those that align with a bigger purpose than simply making profits. 25 Aug 2021 Read more

LG Cares supports the Kolisi Foundation and Stor-Age Blanket Drive
As a global leader in consumer electronics, LG is committed to building a brand that offers more than intelligent, innovative technology. Under the pillar of LG Cares, the brand has undertaken to dedicate itself to sharing with others and improving society in a meaningful way. LG hopes to contribute to social welfare initiatives, education and cultural activities through sponsorship, financial aid and volunteer work. By building partnerships based on trust and developing products and initiatives that create a better world for people, LG promises its customers an improved living experience. 16 Jul 2021 Read more

LG empowers young South Africans with key skills to thrive in digital age
As a global leader in advanced electronics, LG has recognised the importance of technology in education; a cause that's particularly relevant during Youth Month. 28 Jun 2021 Read more

Everyday living made more convenient and sustainable with LG ThinQ
It's safe to say that life as we know it has changed for good. Remote working has become the norm, with many spending more time at home than ever before. The result? Blurred lines about when a workday begins and ends, appliances working double time, and extra at-home energy use since you're likely indoors all day. 25 Jun 2021 Read more

How to live more efficiently and stay warm this winter
With winter here, everyone's looking for ways to stay warm! But we're also all trying to save on electricity costs and live more sustainable lives. Luckily, innovative technology is continuously being developed and the solution to help us meet all of these competing needs might just lie with new-age air conditioners. 24 Jun 2021 Read more

Gear up for winter the easy way
The mornings are getting colder and the evenings darker. Winter isn't coming - it's right on our doorstep. But with the LG Artcool air conditioner, you don't have to let it come inside. Considering that we're still in the midst of a pandemic, avoiding colds and flu can also save you from some concerned looks or precautionary self-isolation. With fast heating and LG's Ionizer Air Purification, proven to sterilise over 99% of adhering bacteria within 60 minutes, the Artcool helps you keep the air in your home clean and cosy despite the wintery weather. 28 May 2021 Read more

Heads turn as LG unveils its 2021 TV lineup
LG Electronics South Africa (LG) hosted a virtual event attended by a variety of South African celebrities and content creators to celebrate the launch of its exciting 2021 home entertainment lineup. Inspired by LG's stunning OLED evo and QNED TV range, the launch opened with a spectacular display of performers enhancing their choreography through clever usage of light, including a laser harpist, and bringing the 'light up your world' launch messaging to life. 28 May 2021 Read more

LG makes a play for Siya Kolisi
LG Electronics is proud to announce that it has signed a three-year partnership agreement with Springbok captain Siya Kolisi. 6 May 2021 Read more

LG announces first-quarter 2021 financial results
Highest quarterly revenue and operating profit in company's history
 30 Apr 2021 Read more

The benefits of digital signage in retail spaces: Could digital signage help to boost your retail business?
Many things have changed over the last year, from the way we work and live to the way we shop. But some things have stayed the same, and retailers are still faced with the age-old question: how do you get consumers interested in a product when the competition is so fierce? 29 Apr 2021 Read more

Using innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future
With climate change on the rise and our planet's finite resources in the spotlight, sustainability is an issue that should be on everyone's mind. Finding ways to look after the Earth and solutions to ensure a brighter future for generations to come is becoming more of a concern for ordinary people and businesses. 22 Apr 2021 Read more

Why businesses need digital signage in 2021
As the way we interact with the world around us becomes increasingly digital, more opportunities for innovative and engaging digital experiences are emerging for brands and advertisers to reach customers. While online marketing strategies that leverage SEO or social media promotion have long been taking precedence over traditional methods such as print or radio, in-store advertising is also undergoing a significant digital transformation. As lockdown restrictions ease and retail spaces open up, there's never been a better time to take another look at digital signage. 31 Mar 2021 Read more

How LG's innovative inverter technology is helping us live greener
Our world is run by technology. From the way we play to how we work and perform household chores, technological innovation is the driving force behind smart and connected living. It's proven itself to be a gateway of possibilities - pushing the limits of what was once only a "nice to have" to a daily necessity. 16 Mar 2021 Read more

How LG's innovations are changing the way we live, work and play
For decades the electronics industry has brought joy, wonder and convenience to our lives. From humble solutions that make life easier to tech-packed gadgets, home appliances and electronics like TVs, fridges, washing machines, smartphones and so many more that are considered essentials nowadays, all designed to change the way we live and play. 11 Mar 2021 Read more