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Next Generation helps clients develop strategies that strengthen their business and address persistent, complex and challenging social issues. Our 20 years' experience comes from working with companies across Africa.
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Global polycrisis requires transformative philanthropy
Humanitarian crises, polycrisis, permacrisis 12 Mar 2024 Read more

Measuring the impact of impact investments and innovative finance
Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. 30 Sep 2022 Read more

New skills for a new year!
Corporate social investors, grantmakers, donors and philanthropists are starting to understand the value of measuring the impact and return of their investments, programmes and the organisations they fund. 29 Sep 2022 Read more

Impact management and impact investing
Impact investing and impact management has come of age. There is an explosion of materials and information about the subject matter. The aim of this article is to provide a snapshot and a quick orientation to the current landscape of impact measurement, management and reporting. 27 Sep 2021 Read more

Now is the time to include an environmental focus in grantmaking strategies in Africa
The devasting health, social and economic impact of the Covid pandemic will have long-term impact on the funding strategies of grantmakers, corporate social investors, and philanthropists in Africa for many years to come. 20 Sep 2021 Read more

Rebuilding the humanitarian ecosystem in South Africa
The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing non-profits to reinvent their interventions and business models at lightning speed, and many donors, philanthropists, foundations and corporate social investors are rising to the challenge and supporting them ad-hoc. But when the dust settles, the humanitarian sector will need to take strategic steps to restore and strengthen its capacity to contribute effectively to a post-Covid world. 7 Aug 2020 Read more

Reimagining a new future
We are entering a new world order and future blockbusters and documentaries about the past will probably refer to the era before corona (BC) and after the coronavirus (AC). Whatever your worldview, it is now clear from the world's collective experiences and expectations of the future that it will be about restructuring the economic, environmental and social order in which business, government and society operates. 21 Apr 2020 Read more

Profit with purpose - a practical outlook for impact investment in Africa
"Social investors need to start actively reconfiguring how they approach development initiatives in Africa and elsewhere," says Reana Rossouw of Next Generation Consultants, a specialist management consultancy that focuses on impactful social innovation. 2 Dec 2019 Read more

It's adapt or die for humanitarian organisations
Across the globe humanitarian and social purpose organisations are grappling with an uncertain future. Not only is there less money to go around, the sector is becoming more crowded and competitive. In addition, funders, grantmakers, philanthropists and social/impact investors are looking for innovation and new ways of thinking that will bring about greater impact for the communities they aim to serve. 12 Nov 2019 Read more

Embracing disruptive innovation in the social development sector - a road map for 2020 and beyond
Globally, the development sector stands on the edge of a precipice, says Reana Rossouw, founder and owner of Next Generation Consultants, a specialist management consultancy focused on impactful social innovation. 5 Nov 2019 Read more

Time to push the reset button: navigating the ethics of impact investment in a world in flux
"The time has come for social purpose organisations to draw a line in the sand when it comes to accepting funds, creating policies and rolling out plans of action," says Reana Rossouw of Next Generation Consultants, a specialist management consultancy that focuses on impactful social innovation. 5 Nov 2019 Read more

In social investment, it's now about hard evidence and measured impact
Social and impact investors no longer just want to know that they've attempted to change the world for the better. They want to know if their investment meant something. They want detailed evidence that their investment led to large-scale, significant impact, whether it contributed to sustainable change, and if there was significant return on their investment. They are looking for evidence to gain insight in how - and if - they should proceed funding specific organisations or programmes. Impact assessment is therefore a non-negotiable to find that proof. 20 Apr 2018 Read more

Social needs to up its game to keep receiving financial support
Today's philanthropists, grantmakers, social and impact investors want more control over their giving and they want evidence of the scale and sustainability of the impact they make. They demand greater transparency and accountability from the organisations they invest in and hold them to account. They want quick results and return on their investment, and therefore prefer to put their money where they can see innovation, especially through technology like applications, fintech or mobile tech, as it can empower and ensure inclusivity. 18 Apr 2018 Read more

Social investors now want to see impact, sustainability - and ROI
Investing in social and developmental causes has become increasingly innovative lately, moving away from one-directional donations and suchlike. Social investors now use a mix of finance models to put their money where it has the potential to grow substantially. They are looking for opportunities where their investment will have considerable long-term impact, while contributing to sustainable, meaningful development. They also want to evaluate that impact accurately, to measure the return on their investment. 17 Apr 2018 Read more

Implementing social innovation strategies at a systemic level: A wish list for 2018
Spring has officially sprung and we're heading towards the planning phase for the forthcoming financial year. There is no better time to clean out the CSI closet and consider more innovative approaches that can equip us to better manage risk, face challenges and maximise opportunities along the value chain. 1 Sep 2017 Read more

Dominant grantmaking trends in 2017: Assessing the year so far
Like any business or personal relationship, successful grantmaking is essentially about savvy expectation management. Whether it be the expectations of policymakers and strategists, social investors, donors and funders, beneficiaries, volunteers or any other stakeholders that we manage, to facilitate best practices and optimal outcomes it is essential that we strive to set up CSI and social innovation models that (to quote that much overused business adage) do not overpromise and underdeliver. 4 May 2017 Read more

Let's do social innovation rather than corporate social investment
Companies cannot be sustainable if the communities they depend on for future business are unsustainable. While this may sound as logical and common sensical as continually adapting CSI efforts to keep up in an ever-changing world, so many corporates have been riding the wave of change on the same old social investment board for several years. 1 Sep 2016 Read more

Measuring the impact of social investments
In recent years, a well-documented trend has emerged within the field of community investment and development. Social investors, non-profits, social enterprises and governments are united by a common goal: Sustainable social change. To reach this goal, the social sector must identify what approaches work — and why. Two factors have emerged to drive this development: A higher demand for accountability, and a need for greater effectiveness of development investments in the face of limited resources. 15 Apr 2016 Read more

Common mistakes in stakeholder engagement
Stakeholder management can be an effective risk management tool. But simply engaging for purposes of reporting or compliance and governance underestimates the real value of stakeholder engagement. 14 Sep 2015 Read more