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Welcome to the Press Office is a global advertising technology company that is transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences in today's converging video landscape.
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News releases 2021 holiday video advertising guide for brands and retailers, a global video advertising technology company has released its 2021 Holiday Video Advertising Guide "Navigating consumer shopping expectations this season" for brands and retailers. The guide covers the holiday season, which is one the most significant events of the year for retailers and consumers around the world, who make it their mission to find the perfect gifts and capture the best deals. While this period provides huge opportunities for brands, it also brings stiff competition. For advertisers wanting to get ahead, the key to holiday success is in understanding how consumer expectations have changed, and how their advertising strategy can meet these demands. 22 Oct 2021 Read more

Household targeting's role in the cookieless future
The below article content was originally published in BandT.  25 Jun 2021 Read more

Study from finds video advertising more effective across combination of CTV, desktop and mobile devices, a global advertising technology company transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences, has released a research study - The Bigger Picture: Why Effective Video Advertising Requires a Synergy Across CTV, Desktop and Mobile Devices" - that illustrates how using video advertising across a combination of all three screens can drive greater lifts in brand awareness, purchase intent and other campaign KPIs, compared with using any of the devices alone. 26 May 2021 Read more

How household targeting can improve engagement
The below article content was originally published in BizReport by Kristina Knight. 18 May 2021 Read more releases a guide on 'advanced TV': What it is and how it can help drive results, a global technology company specialising in digital advertising, has published a whitepaper on the topic of advanced TV. The guide provides a detailed explanation of what advanced TV is in all its forms, why it is important to consider and how it can help brands generate results. 1 Jun 2020 Read more launches global digital video PSA initiative to inform the public about Covid-19, a global advertising technology company transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences, launched a digital video Public Service Announcement (PSA) initiative to help drive awareness around Covid-19 and better help global communities cope with the spread of the virus. The campaign will enable corporations, brands, publishers, marketers and celebrities to work together to help combat this spread. 3 Apr 2020 Read more

Exponential Interactive announces its new business division,, is expanding into international markets
Digital advertising leader Exponential Interactive announces that it is rolling out its new, video-driven business division,, in international markets. allows brands to serve tailormade video-driven experiences across screens, including connected TV (CTV) and Over the Top (OTT). This announcement is on the heels of a successful launch in the US in October 2019. 9 Mar 2020 Read more

Tyler Greer
Charles Eames, mid-twentieth century modernist designer and creator of the legendary Eponymous chair, viewed design in a pragmatic and results-driven way. "Design," he noted "is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose." To Eames, this meant understanding the materials and tools available, and figuring out how best to draw them together into a singular solution which best fulfils a particular need. Clearly, it also meant understanding that need in the first place. 18 Jul 2019 Read more

Exponential, Amnet, iProspect, and PHD raise R5,000 for The Iris House Children's Hospice in the 2018 Amazing Race
Exponential South Africa recently hosted their annual Exponential Amazing Race media challenge - an event aimed at raising money for children's hospice The Iris House. 20 Nov 2018 Read more

Is 2018 the year the robots come for us? (Spoiler alert: not likely)
As a global strategist, I've spent a lot of January talking about the biggest trends in digital media and marketing for 2018. 29 Jan 2018 Read more

Exponential receives new accreditation by the Trustworthy Accountability Group
Exponential recognised for combatting ad fraud with Certified Against Fraud Seal 3 Nov 2017 Read more

Exponential, Amnet, Hitch Digital, PHD, Vizeum, race for The Iris House Children's Hospice
Exponential South Africa recently hosted its inaugural Exponential Amazing Race - a challenging event to raise money for children's hospice The Iris House. 17 Aug 2017 Read more

Can viewability measure the effectiveness of online video ads?
In late 2015, Drum published an article within which the author stated that in the following 12 months, viewability would re-emerge as a key industry issue and that digital video would be a key driving force behind this. 24 Jan 2017 Read more

Striking the balance between viewability and user experience
It's not new to say that the advertising industry has made a monumental shift towards putting viewability at the forefront of campaign goals, however, the impact on user experience is increasingly being called into play. 19 Jan 2017 Read more

Facebook, measuring 'viewing' and the quest for real attention
Facebook received a lot of attention over its Average Duration of Video Viewed debacle. They've since corrected their calculation but how closely does their new “Video Average Watch Time” metric really represent “viewing”? And how can advertisers find meaning and value in view duration metrics in general? 17 Jan 2017 Read more

Tips for amplifying muted autoplay video ads
Muted video is here to stay. Amplifying its value is now our challenge. Find out tips on how... 13 Jan 2017 Read more

Machine learning: Behind the hype
The study and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence have been around for decades, yet recent hype in the advertising industry presents this as an entirely new and disruptive trend. 11 Jan 2017 Read more

What are millennials spending their money on during this season?
Retailers are hoping to attract all demographics during the holiday season, but millennials are a particularly coveted group. 22 Dec 2016 Read more

Meaningful marketing in 2016 and beyond
With 2016 coming to a close, one cannot help but reflect on the year gone by - its challenges, its highlights, the moments of collective clarity. 14 Dec 2016 Read more

Exponential creates augmented reality ad experience with new Face Filter VDX ad unit
The new Face Filter functionality is part of Exponential's proprietary video advertising offering (VDX) with the innovative format enabling brands to produce facial overlays for display and in-stream ads. 8 Dec 2016 Read more

Why optimise your audience?
Many of the media- and audience-targeting choices today are still manual. Learn why it is important to trust automated optimisation for evaluating audiences. 30 Aug 2016 Read more

Which side of the fence are you on? Automated vs traditional manual audience targeting
Learn about the importance of valuing users, creating a complex profile and the benefit of automating the optimisation process. 15 Aug 2016 Read more

How much do you trust the machine to understand the complexity of online behaviours?
Learn why marketers should care about the importance of statistical analysis when evaluating audiences. 2 Aug 2016 Read more

Exponential talks about trusting the machines in today's online marketing industry
Learn why marketers should care about audience discovery and how trusting the machine can help make better marketing decisions. 20 Jul 2016 Read more

Exponential study finds interactive video units outperform standard, pre-roll ads
Eye-tracking and facial-coding technology measure emotional, physical reactions to interactive ads 14 Apr 2016 Read more

Exponential releases 'Engagement' insight for brands and advertisers in latest whitepaper
Whitepaper to provide tangible tips for driving 'active attention' amongst consumers 26 Aug 2015 Read more

The truth hurts when you ask the wrong question
In Douglas Adams' The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a super computer named Deep Thought takes seven and a half million years to give his famous answer to the meaning of life. Which, if you missed it, was '42'. 27 Jul 2015 Read more

Why data needs a human touch
In May this year Slate magazine published an article entitled 'Netflix tries to put a human face on big data with its own anthropologist'. It's an interesting read, not least as it seems to assert that the highly qualified anthropologist has been appointed more for PR purposes than strategic ones and that "he puts a more human face on the mechanistic-and arguably intrusive-ways that Netflix really collects data and classifies its users". 20 Jul 2015 Read more

Exponential launches new video formats to provide single brand experience across multiple screens
Exponential unveils 'VDX', a first look at scalable video formats producing ad experiences aimed to drive deeper, authentic audience engagement 23 Apr 2015 Read more

Tyler Greer
Unless you've spent the past few months hiding below the fold, you'll be aware that one of the trending topics in digital media is viewability. This is part of a new drive for accountability in the digital sphere, a channel which has spent a good deal of its existence claiming to be able to report on, well, everything. But whilst we quibble about who can see what where for how long, there may be more functional solutions to dealing with this issue. 19 Mar 2015 Read more

Three strikes and you're out: Can data insights predict best picture three years in a row?
Our audience data and insights accurately predicted the best picture Oscar winner in 2013 and 2014. So whilst it is potentially foolhardy to put our neck on the line again, I'm here to tell you that Birdman will win. And this is why. 20 Feb 2015 Read more

Exponential Interactive launches mobile and tablet solution, Appsnack, in South Africa
Increased smartphone penetration offers significant mobile brand advertising opportunities 20 Oct 2014 Read more

Exponential launches new-look video-enabled ad formats designed to heighten audience engagement
Firefly Video's 'Blaze' and Adotube's 'Ad Engage' bring the best of video and TV advertising content to engagement units across display and video 4 Aug 2014 Read more

Exponential Interactive appoints Tyler Greer, head of strategy, APAC
Director of sales, AdoTube, ANZ promoted to lead sales strategy across Asia Pacific and South Africa 12 Jun 2014 Read more

Personification of brands - how are marketers using digital media to tell their story?
As all marketers know, a strong and powerful brand feels like a person coming to life. It has a voice, a personality and nuanced characteristics. But the first wave of digital advertising opportunities did little to support brand personification. Targeting was crude and clumsy, creativity limited by technology, talent and imagination and it was all about click, click, clicks (and unfortunately still is for some!). Brand marketing remained in the realm of TV, radio, print and outdoor. 17 Apr 2014 Read more implements Exponential publisher platform, streamlines operations and sees 256% revenue increase
Publisher case study shows cross-platform optimization a 'must' in online display cross-device operations. 9 Dec 2013 Read more

Exponential Interactive appoints APAC managing director John McKoy as Chief Revenue Officer
McKoy sets his sights on continued growth for Exponential, bringing more than 15 years of digital industry experience to the table. 29 Oct 2013 Read more

AdoTube launches initiative enabling brands to execute video campaigns across multiple media at no set-up cost
AdoTube, the Exponential-owned in-stream advertising specialist, announced it will offer select customers the option to run its superior in-stream ad units. 12 Sep 2013 Read more

Exponential partners with the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity
For the first time, Exponential Interactive will be partnering with the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. The festival, celebrating its 60th birthday this year, will see over 12,000 delegates from around the world gather to discuss and celebrate some of the best advertising from all disciplines across the world. 14 Jun 2013 Read more

In-stream video specialist AdoTube's Global Format Index reveals huge gains in consumer pre-roll video engagement
AdoTube, the Exponential-owned in-stream advertising specialist, today announced the release of its 2012 Global Format Index, which showcases data from more than 9,500 campaigns and nearly 13.5 billion impressions. 25 May 2013 Read more

Exponential South Africa launches AdoTube in-stream video solution as its 4th division
Already proven to exceed industry CTR benchmarks in other markets, Exponential SA offers AdoTube from today. 24 Apr 2013 Read more