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We create ONE OF A KIND GEOSPATIAL SOLUTIONS. We use geospatial information science to bring information about WHERE to life across industries and in any application. This helps our clients unlock value through better business intelligence.
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How the brands we love use data now to actually be better

We're so accustomed to using apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Maps in our everyday lives by now that we barely even notice them anymore. What we may not realise is that they're also having a profound impact on the way we do business and changing the way we interact with our favourite brands. 8 Jun 2022 Read more

AfriGIS turns 25

This May we turn 25 years old, at a time when the industry's fortunes look set to soar. 11 May 2022 Read more

How you can access fast financial services growth too

It's never been so tough for financial services to get the numbers. 5 Apr 2022 Read more

Locating the future with the power and potential of Gis

At AfriGis we realise that it is often difficult to comprehend the extent of what geospatial information systems (Gis) and the industry are capable of. The US-based geospatial industry pioneer, Jack Dangermond, gave a glimpse of the power and potential of Gis when he said that "the application of Gis is only limited by the imagination of those that use it." 19 Nov 2021 Read more

South Africa's new smart cities: a roadmap for transforming all our cities

How GIS can drive the smart city philosophy forward 10 Sep 2021 Read more

AfriGIS - supporting sustainable development through geospatial solutions

AfriGIS, Africa's leaders in geospatial science and geospatial information solutions, is extremely proud of its ongoing social development initiatives established through a deep-rooted commitment to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans. The South African economy is historically underpinned by the value chain of natural resources and many communities are reliant on the continued sustainable contribution of these resources to their livelihood and well-being. 23 Apr 2021 Read more

AfriGIS achieves level 1 B-BBEE status

Going beyond the obvious to transform societies and people's lives 12 Apr 2021 Read more

Unlocking the potential of future geospatial information scientists

AfriGIS continues to invest in social economic changes through its annual learnership programme. 21 Dec 2020 Read more

New CEO appointed to map out AfriGIS growth path

The board of directors of AfriGIS have announced the appointment of Hein Badenhorst who assumes the position of chief executive officer of South Africa's geospatial information science leader. Badenhorst will assume this position effective 1 October 2020. 21 Sep 2020 Read more

Tools for credit providers: Data insights into locations

If you want to harness the full power of data to solve your business challenges, then this is your service provider. With AfriGIS Location Insights you get accurate location data that enables you to extract meaningful insights of trends, consumer behaviour, movement and events taking place in the world. 17 Jul 2020 Read more

Enjoy the beauty of data

What is your data trying to tell you? 20 May 2020 Read more

AfriGIS welcomes new chairperson

AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Thabo Seopa as its chairperson. Seopa represents Awande Capital Partners on the AfriGIS and Canard holding company boards. The group has Vodacom and Awande as main external shareholders, along with private minorities and the employee share trust. 3 Sep 2019 Read more

AfriGIS assists financial institutions to save time

AfriGIS assists financial institutions to save time with AfriGIS Enterprise Reverse Geocoding for fixed and moveable assets. 13 Aug 2019 Read more

Is your property registration and asset management causing headaches?

AfriGIS assists municipalities to enhance management and control of fixed assets. 24 Jul 2019 Read more

AfriGIS assists you to easily integrate verified addresses into your services

Our AfriGIS Search Toolkit offers you more than 50 million address and insights combinations. 6 Jun 2019 Read more

AfriGIS assists you to put your business on the map!

Be more competitive by adding offices, branches or assets on a map. 29 May 2019 Read more

AfriGIS assists retailers to be more effective and efficient

by reaching only relevant prospective customers and areas 18 Apr 2019 Read more

The future of Big Data

AfriGIS first quarter data and spatial workshop 3 Apr 2019 Read more

Applying geospatial data ethically

Geospatial data company AfriGIS's Spatial and Data Workshop, which took place on 6 December 2018, explored updates to its datasets, the role of GIS in an organisation, and technology ethics. 1 Feb 2019 Read more

Does lightning strike twice?

AfriGIS assists the insurance industry with extreme weather information 29 Jan 2019 Read more

AfriGIS year-end letter 2018

Looking back at this past year, the saying that truth is stranger than fiction rings true. As a country, we have turned a corner and can be proud of the way our democracy functions. 11 Dec 2018 Read more

United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress - The geospatial way to a better world

Deqing, China, was the setting of the first United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC) hosted from 19-21 November 2018. 28 Nov 2018 Read more

AfriGIS assists major banks with customer value management challenges

Validated, verified and accurate addresses improves: 15 Nov 2018 Read more

AfriGIS Address Breakfast 2018

AfriGIS hosted its 2018 Address Breakfast at The Saxon Hotel on Thursday, 25 October 2018. 30 Oct 2018 Read more

AfriGIS assists the banking industry in leveraging location-based data

For effective banking operations and decision-making. 11 Oct 2018 Read more

AfriGIS helps bridge the skills gap for unemployed SA youth in the IT industry

"The youth unemployment rate in South Africa is 38.2%*. This means that more than one in every three young people, aged 15-34 years, qualified or unqualified, are unable to obtain employment to support their families. AfriGIS, in partnership with MICT SETA and CTU Training Solutions, are striving towards removing the ten AfriGIS Learnership candidates from these statistics by awarding them the opportunity to obtain a National Certificate in IT Systems Development," commented Christa Welthagen, AfriGIS Human Resources Manager during the recent Learnership Induction held at the CTU Pretoria Campus, Gauteng. 21 Sep 2018 Read more

AfriGIS upholding Madiba's legacy in comforting the lives of women and children

To celebrate the late Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday on 18 July, the South African Police Service's (SAPS) Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigations Unit (FCS) in Pretoria welcomed AfriGIS, Calcamite Tanks and Alers Jungle Gyms who took part in this year's 67 minutes Mandela Day Be the Legacy movement. The SAPS FCS is a specialised unit in the SAPS that provides support to women and children that are victims of sexual crimes, and as a result the unit provides criminal, medical and counselling services. 31 Aug 2018 Read more

Data provides powerful location insights

AfriGIS second quarter Data and Spatial Workshop, Bytes Conference Centre, Midrand 30 Jul 2018 Read more

AfriGIS partners with insurance companies helping them to be customer centric

We assist them to:
  • Improve customer experience
  • Provide proactive customer service
  • Help customers minimise claims
  • Process customer claims quickly and efficiently
  • Save time and money
 7 Jun 2018 Read more

Excellent customer service not an option, but a must-have!

In order to provide excellent customer experience and service; accurate, up-to-date, and quality customer/client data is the key. 6 Jun 2018 Read more

Can you use your address data with confidence?

South African addresses differ from the rest of the world, mainly because of our country's history and the variety of address formats we have: formal and informal, rural and urban, service delivery, the so-called 'friendly' addresses for parcel deliveries and more. 5 Jun 2018 Read more

Workshop shows big data business benefits

The first quarter AfriGIS Data and Spatial Workshop on 13 March 2018 in Midrand highlighted ways for companies to make sense of big data. AfriGIS's chief business officer, Brian Civin, first gave an overview of framework areas for big data integration, warehousing, and analytics. 19 Apr 2018 Read more

AfriGIS Data and big data providing valuable business insights

The first-quarter AfriGIS Data and Spatial Workshop was hosted on 13 March 2018 at the Bytes Technology Conference Centre in Midrand. The workshop highlighted various ways to make sense of big data. In line with the workshop theme, AfriGIS's Chief Business Officer, Brian Civin, kicked off by highlighting framework areas for big data integration, warehousing, and analytics. The thing is big data is everywhere and has been available for a while now. We are constantly told that it holds the answers to almost any problem we want to solve. While most business environments have massive amounts of data available, making sense of it and knowing how to use it has become an unequivocal challenge. However, the fact of the matter is that companies in every industry are embracing big data. 15 Mar 2018 Read more

Save time by getting all your answers...

Get all your answers by typing just one address... 20 Feb 2018 Read more

AfriGIS year-end letter 2017

As we reflect on 2017 it has been without a doubt a challenging, yet gratifying and memorable journey. 20 Dec 2017 Read more

How location insights answers the 'where' questions of your business

The fourth quarter AfriGIS Data and Spatial Workshop took place at the Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand on 6 December 2017. A lot of our longstanding and new clients from across Gauteng attended the event where changes and additions to the AfriGIS Dataset and Spatial Environment were demonstrated, as well as how solutions are compiled, why they are compiled and what the objective of these solutions is. We kicked off the year, discussing strategies in an organisation, and how strategies influence the development of our solutions. We also gave an overview of which components work best for the specific solutions. Now as we are at the end of the year, we took an approach to underline the practical applications of what we do on a day to day basis. 20 Dec 2017 Read more

Committed to standards

The beautiful Stockholm in summer was the backdrop for the 44th plenary meeting of the International Standards Organisation's (ISO) task team, ISO/TC211, hosted from 29 May to 2 June 2017. The meeting was the first to be held under the new chair, Christina Wasström, of the new host nation, Sweden. 19 Jun 2017 Read more

Giving you the competitive edge in enhancing your business intelligence with AfriGIS data

AfriGIS welcomed its clients to the second quarter Data and Spatial workshop on 7 June 2017 at the Blue Valley Golf Estate in Midrand, Gauteng. 14 Jun 2017 Read more

Point A to B: Do I have public transport available?

South Africa desperately needs more viable, safe and sustainable public transport. Millions of commuters make use of public transport on a daily basis, of which the majority are dependent on minibus taxis. 15 May 2017 Read more

Get better results - know where your customers are

You can only get better results if you know exactly where your customers are.
Accurate, geomapped addresses provide better data quality and results.
 17 Feb 2017 Read more

Don't get caught in the eye of the storm

Extreme weather patterns are a reality affecting our lives more directly every year. 23 Nov 2016 Read more

AfriGIS 5th annual Learnership Programme in partnership with MICT SETA and CTU Training Solutions

AfriGIS welcomed ten new candidates at the AfriGIS induction day recently held at the CTU Pretoria Campus. Since its first launch in 2012, the AfriGIS Learnership Programme has been successful in training individuals who have been carefully selected to pursue a career in IT. AfriGIS, in partnership with MICT SETA and CTU Training Solutions, provides a 12-month structured integrated learning programme that consists of theoretical training at CTU (six months) and practical work experience at AfriGIS (six months). Upon completion of the Learnership programme, Learners are better prepared to represent themselves in the ICT sector with an NQF level 5 National Certificate in IT Systems Development. 15 Nov 2016 Read more

Your business is only as good as the quality of data that can be leveraged

Due to the country's history there are different sets of boundaries fulfilling different purposes. Unfortunately this can cause substantial challenges in master data management. 8 Nov 2016 Read more

AfriGIS 3rd Quarter Data and Spatial Workshop

AfriGIS hosted their 3rd quarter Data and Spatial Workshop at Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand, Gauteng on 21 September 2016. The workshop highlighted new exciting changes and additions to the AfriGIS Dataset & Spatial Environment. AfriGIS Operations Manager, Martha Burger started off with a presentation showcasing the capabilities of spatial solutions to deliver world class mapping, analysis and operational tools. This included an overview of additions and updates in the latest release of the AfriGIS datasets. 27 Sep 2016 Read more

Local government elections 2016

South Africa's local government elections took place on 3 August 2016. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) manages the national and local government elections in South Africa and declares the results of those elections. "We are very excited as an organisation. We ran a smooth operation, and had some challenges here and there but all in all - I think we managed to run a very good operation," said Terry Tselane, IEC Deputy Chairperson. 10 Aug 2016 Read more

AfriGIS, answering where

We answer where by giving you easy access to quality location information and insights. Exact location and related quality information thereof have become a prerequisite in corporate master data management. 21 Jul 2016 Read more

Serve your customers better with smart addresses

You can serve your customers better if you know where they are. 28 Apr 2016 Read more

Analytical location intelligence

Addresses are the fundamental building block to many activities in the physical world. Addresses unlock industries and without accurate, geo-mapped addresses in your core systems, the benefits they could bring you and your customer base will be lost. Relevance of addresses range from buying a house, getting insurance or receiving the much wanted article you bought over the Internet. 11 Apr 2016 Read more

Resource management key in GIS projects

Human and resource management was the focus of data company AfriGIS's first Spatial and Data Workshop this year, held on 9 March 2016 in Midrand. The company continued its series of topics that explores GIS in business strategies and fulfilling business objectives. 30 Mar 2016 Read more

AfriGIS attending ISO/TC211 in Sydney

The 41st Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC 211 took place in Sydney during December 2015. The meeting was attended by delegates from 86 countries. 3 Feb 2016 Read more

Helpline inundated with calls from distressed matrics

The Department of Social Development's matric helpline was inundated with calls from distressed pupils in their opening day on Wednesday. Social development spokesperson Lumka Oliphant told News24 that they had over 3,000 please call me's and 2,000 callers in their first half of the day. 6 Jan 2016 Read more

Social development on Technology Innovation World award

Gender-Based Violence Command Centre wins best Technology Innovation World award 15 Dec 2015 Read more

AfriGIS - proud finalist at 2015 EY World Entrepreneur Award

The EY World Entrepreneur Award Programme recognises the most exceptional entrepreneurs: Powerful minds, powerful ideas! 27 Nov 2015 Read more

Mobile hearing screening

Bringing hope to disadvantaged children 30 Sep 2015 Read more

Spatial data workshop looks at hardware infrastructure

Geospatial data company AfriGIS held their second spatial data workshop in Midrand, Gauteng, on 9 September 2015. The workshop focussed on hardware infrastructure, and incorporated the company's 49th quarterly data show in which the company showcases updates to their datasets. 15 Sep 2015 Read more

AfriGIS celebrates another first

AfriGIS recently announced that it has joined the ranks of Google®, Oracle® and Intergraph® in becoming a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). 26 Aug 2015 Read more

Spatial database user group discusses application development

The Oracle Spatial and Graph special interest group held their second biannual meeting for 2015 on 20 August. The user group forms part of the larger South African Oracle User Group (SAOUG) community and serves as a knowledge-sharing platform for users of the Spatial and Graph component of the Oracle Database. Users introduced the topics of discussion, with Oracle product manager Hans Viehmann and colleague Albert Godfrind guiding the discussions and lending it an international perspective. 20 Aug 2015 Read more

Experience the magic of maps with AfriGIS at Geomatics Indaba 2015

AfriGIS is passionate about bringing information about location to life. 7 Aug 2015 Read more

Prominent courier and delivery companies powered by AfriGIS

Cut costs by optimising first time deliveries with AfriGIS Search 14 Jul 2015 Read more

AfriGIS GISlike powers decision-making and business analytics for leading franchise and retail outlets

Know "Where?" your customers are and identify potential business areas for growth throughout your network. 18 Jun 2015 Read more

AfriGIS Data assisting clients across the board

Add value to your organisation with the application of AfriGIS Data 16 Mar 2015 Read more

AfriGIS: A different picture

If a picture paints a thousand words, what does a map do? Taking into account the different roads, points of interests, and all the terrain, chances are it does a great deal more than that. But, making the most of that map is not an easy ask. Imagine an explorer trying to travel from Cape to Cairo (sans GPS unfortunately, only his traditional map). Through how much data does he need to work to find a suitable route? Which roads are best, seeing that there are hundreds of roads linked to other roads linked to yet even more roads? Now, how about being able to fill up with petrol at the right distance, and to stop at the different must-see points along the way? 3 Mar 2015 Read more

Streamline your planning with AfriGIS GISlike

Know where
- your customers are
- you need to deliver services
 27 Feb 2015 Read more

Answering the 'where' questions

Local technology innovation company, AfriGIS, believes that the answer to "where" holds the key to future growth. TechSmart Business spoke to its MD, Magnus Rademeyer, to find out more. 28 Oct 2014 Read more

AfriGIS Learnership, in association with CTU Training Solutions and MICT SETA

In 2012 AfriGIS launched a new Learnership Programme, in association with CTU Training Solutions and MICT SETA. The objective of the Learnership Programme is to empower young learners and offer them the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at AfriGIS. 14 Oct 2014 Read more

Gender-Based Violence Command Centre wins award

Barely six months after its launch, the Department of Social Development's Gender-Based Violence Command Centre has been recognised by the contact centre community. 3 Sep 2014 Read more

SARS implementation fights non-compliance

A multimillion-rand geographical information systems (GIS) implementation at SARS has assisted in the identification of various remote locations eligible for mobile registration and registration campaigns, enabling the organisation to grow the taxpayer register. 10 Jun 2014 Read more

Calculate toll fees using your smartphone

Technology innovation company AfriGIS's Navigation tools offer you free logbook functionality with tolling components 29 Nov 2013 Read more

Budget Car and Van Rental enhanced customer service

AfriGIS map, location & direction tool giving Budget customers peace of mind 25 Oct 2013 Read more

AfriGIS launches integrated logbook functionality

Technology innovation company AfriGIS announced the launch of their integrated logbook functionality with their popular Navigation tools. 23 Sep 2013 Read more

AfriGIS - high quality geographical data, trusted by government and corporate customers

Technology innovation company, AfriGIS, held their 42nd successful Data Show at Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand on 5 September 2013. According to AfriGIS MD, Magnus Rademeyer "constantly enhancing and refining our high quality geographical datasets is what makes AfriGIS the provider of choice for government and corporate customers." 13 Sep 2013 Read more

AfriGIS launches Census Portal -

Informative geographical analysis of Census results in your area 31 May 2013 Read more

AfriGIS Telecoms Market - and Movement Insights Database

Providing you with real-time geographical behavioural analysis tools 29 Apr 2013 Read more

Meeting and maintaining standards all the way

Solar inspection and administration system developed by AfriGIS for the SABS 26 Mar 2013 Read more

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

AfriGIS Learnership in association with CTU Training Solutions, Class of 2012 Graduation Ceremony, hosted at AfriGIS on 8 February 2013. 20 Feb 2013 Read more

AfriGIS Route Optimisation toolset - Straight to the point!

AfriGIS, a leading geographical information and communications solutions provider has integrated some of its most popular services to provide a powerful routing and scheduling toolset. 15 Feb 2013 Read more

AfriGIS Navigator (South Africa) with live traffic and national coverage, in proud partnership with Altech Netstar Traffic, leaders in providing intelligent, real-time traffic data to South African road users, is now available on a 30-day free trial. 18 Dec 2012 Read more

AfriGIS Navigator (SA) now boasts Live Traffic, in proud partnership with Altech Netstar Traffic

The AfriGIS Navigator (South Africa) mobile application, trusted by over 150 thousand South Africans, now boasts Live Traffic with National Coverage, in proud partnership with Altech Netstar Traffic, leaders in providing intelligent, real-time traffic data to South African road users. 20 Nov 2012 Read more

Census Progress Watch, a first for South Africa, developed by AfriGIS, for Statistics South Africa

AfriGIS developed the Census Progress Watch System for Statistics South Africa (StatsSA). The solution was launched on 10 October 2011 and was used for the duration of the 2011 South African Census (until 31 October 2011) to monitor the progress on a day-to-day basis. 31 Oct 2012 Read more

AfriGIS recently held their 37th Data Release at Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand, which highlighted the maintenance of the AfriGIS datasets for the latest data release. The event welcomed many new faces who were eager to experience first-hand what the AfriGIS Data team does in terms of Data maintenance. 25 Oct 2012 Read more

In 2012 AfriGIS launched a new learnership, in association with CTU Training Solutions, who specialises in skills development training across various fields in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry. The programme introduces learners to computer software, different development languages, techniques and technologies used in the software development process. 24 Jul 2012 Read more

As a citizen of this beautiful country, AfriGIS illustrates how maps and applications can make a difference. AfriGIS responds to the National Planning Commission's (NPC) nine challenge to the country from a background of Spatial information, Geography and Telecommunication. 13 Jul 2012 Read more

AfriGIS recently hosted its 36th Data Show at Bytes in Midrand and the Cape Sun in Cape Town. The celebration of 15 years in business proved why AfriGIS is the provider of choice for government, corporates and parastatals. The successful event underlined new exciting changes, innovations and additions to the AfriGIS datasets in the May 2012 data release. 15 Jun 2012 Read more

There is a pendulum of action and reaction in business that drives focus and activity. The current cycle is one of reaction to 'green' matters and the mileage to be had from being seen to be eco concerned. While this in itself will bring great benefit as we all scramble to save some electricity and protect some eco sensitive area, the real question is whether we are considering the real corporate governance issues that will ultimately protect the sustainability of the business and the environment. 14 Jun 2012 Read more

Local companies are increasingly making use of technology to offer their clients a more pleasant experience and better service. With smartphones becoming a part of everyday life, some local companies have created applications for their customers' convenience. 1 Jun 2012 Read more