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about us
The University of Johannesburg is an institution of Higher learning that takes the lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution within the context of the changing social, political and economic fortunes of Africa. At UJ, we understand that higher education is vital to entering Industry 4.0, and in doing so, ensuring Africa becomes future proof.

The Johannesburg Business School (JBS) forms part of the College of Business and Economics at UJ and consists of more than 100 full-time faculty members. As the largest business school in Africa, with over 6 000 students, the JBS has a clear focus on African management and leadership in the local and global environment. The JBS enables a Business Academia Ecosystem at UJ that produces socially aware graduates.

Within the strong foundations of UJ with its rich academic environment and teaching heritage, the JBS, led by Professor Lyal White and his team, is creating an accessible and progressive business school in Africa. By embracing new technology to support teaching and learning approaches, the JBS will enable the creation of innovative new business models in Africa and produce visionary and critical leaders.