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about us

Our vision is to enable the delivery of enriched, versatile, innovative and accessible learning experiences for the betterment of people, society and the world.


As a learning experience design company, we provide a range a products and services that cater to the needs of our clients. These include:

Post-School Education
  • Post-School Textbook Catalogue
  • Bespoke Academic Publishing
  • Instructional Design, Course Design & eLearning Interaction Design
  • Concept Video Library
  • Managed Publishing
  • The EDGE Learning Ecosystem
  • Educational Video Production
  • Quality Advisory Services
Corporate eLearning
  • Digitisation of content
  • Instructional Design, Course Design & eLearning Interaction Design
  • Media development - Videos, Animations, Quizzes, Interactions
  • Development of applications in Java & HTML
  • The EDGE Learning Ecosystem
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online short course development
  • Bespoke online learning experience development

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EDGE was originally founded as EDGE Publishing in 2006, with the desire to improve student learning experience. We first published within the professional and occupational sector, later moving into the higher education space in 2009. In the same year, we recognised the proliferation of digitised content in publishing and education, and changed our name to EDGE Learning Media.

Over the next five years, we honed our skills in publishing, instructional design and eLearning. In 2014, we began to integrate print and multimedia. The EDGE Learning Ecosystem (ELE) was launched in 2016, with the purpose of delivering a multimedia-enriched digital learning experience.

Today, we create and deliver both print and digital learning experiences, which are able to meet the diverse needs of our clients and their students.