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Fox Africa

Fox is one of the world's most broadly distributed entertainment destinations and is synonymous with bringing the best entertainment, first. A destination for some of the biggest television franchises in the world including, Fox is the exclusive home for the cult series, The Walking Dead (now in its eighth season), and also airs the cultural phenomenon, Empire (now in its fourth season), and the award-winning Atlanta (season 2 starts in 2018). With a unique mix of drama, comedy and animation, Fox also airs The Simpsons, the longest-running scripted show in television history. Coming in 2018, Deep State is a new eight-part visceral espionage thriller starring Mark Strong (Kingsman - The Golden Circle) and Joe Dempsie (Game of Thrones), and is the first original drama commissioned by Fox, for all Europe & Africa channels.

Fox Life

A pan-African channel offering a mix of international and local urban contemporary content. Fox Life is the perfect home and port of call for young aspirational female viewers in Africa. Alongside hip reality franchises like the Preachers of sits locally produced content like Vintage Z and local songstress reality show Lira Dreamchaser. Turkish telenovelas are also a staple on the channel.

National Geographic

National Geographic believes in the power of science, exploration and storytelling, to change the world. With an unrivalled media portfolio that reaches over 760 million consumers every month, National Geographic is the very definition of entertainment with a purpose, as over a quarter of proceeds made by the for-profit portfolio are returned to the non-profit National Geographic Society each year to fund exploration, science, research and conservation. The National Geographic channel is the ultimate destination for entertaining premium science and exploration programming, including innovative new shows like MARS which returns for a new season in 2018. Executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, this unique hybrid of futuristic dramatisation and documentary sequences will delve under the Martian surface to confront the demands, perils and advantages of colonising the red planet. The ten-time Emmy-nominated anthology series, Genius, the first drama from National Geographic, also returns for its second season, charting the life of Pablo Picasso, played by three-time Golden Globe nominee, Antonio Banderas. Audiences can also look forward to the release of Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist in December 2017.

Nat Geo Wild

Backed by its reputation for quality programming, Nat Geo Wild is dedicated to bringing unique insights into the natural world, the environment and the amazing creatures that inhabit it. From the most remote settings to the forbidden depths of our ocean, to the protected parks on our doorsteps, Nat Geo Wild uses spectacular cinematography and compelling storytelling to take viewers on unforgettable journeys around the world. Nat Geo Wild houses international and locally produced premium content. The recent series of Snakes in the City, filmed on location in KwaZulu-Natal, followed snake catchers Simon and Siouxsie catching snakes all over South Africa's snake capital. The franchise, Savage Kingdom, following six prides of lions in Botswana, returns for a second season in December 2017.