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Suburban migration will drive the 'hybrid' way of working in South AfricaA few years ago, in South Africa, suburban office buildings were being used for the local hairdresser, Kung-Fu dojos, family doctors and even church gatherings, as businesses migrated into the main metropolitan hubs. Then came the coronavirus and everything has changed. Suddenly, crowding employees into buses, elevators and packed open offices, doesn't seem so attractive to anyone. The demand for suburban offices is on the rise as businesses look to decentralise and diversify their existing workplaces. 19 Feb 2021 Read more

Flexibility + agility = resilience - the new working equationCovid-19 did not facilitate the remote working trend, it merely pushed it to the forefront. 22 Jan 2021 Read more

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) - No more 'fowl' playEnsuring the bacterial safety of poultry is essential and water is the most critical resource in the poultry broiler process. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a powerful disinfectant and is fast becoming one of the most effective solutions for optimal water treatment. 14 Dec 2020 Read more

Idea Hive, digital brand storytelling specialists, partners with YouKnow DigitalYouKnow Digital and Brandwatch come together to supercharge and unlock great value for Idea Hive to drive smarter business decisions. 9 Dec 2020 Read more

Storytelling: What the Class of 1976 can teach the Class of 2020Since ancient times, storytelling has been an effective way of sharing history down through the generations. African culture is deeply rooted in oral tradition and the world knows us for our rich storytelling. We tell stories to pass on traditions, codes of behaviour and to maintain social order. As specialist brand storytellers and champions of storytelling, we reflect on what the Class of 2020 can learn from the Class of 1976, lest we forget. 25 Jun 2020 Read more

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