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TLC Marketing Worldwide is a global marketing agency. We are a unique fusion of experienced marketers and innovative deal makers whose skills combine to create, manage and deliver magical marketing campaigns to help our clients achieve their business goals.
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Womanhood - what does it mean to you?
So, a difficult and complex question to define in just one line, yet it's at the core of every woman's existence. Some can articulate it; others just live it. One thing is certain though, everyone is impacted by it, inspired by it in one way or another. 10 Aug 2022 Read more

We're deep into the age of loyalty and rewards programmes, with just about every bank, insurer, retailer, and service provider offering an initiative of some sort that purports to reward their customers for behaviour that demonstrates loyalty to their brand. 30 Sep 2021 Read more

Today's business leaders speaking to tomorrow
Business innovation is driven by digital transformation and leaders with a knack to envision future trends. African business and entrepreneurs are known for making a noticeable difference by building and growing brilliant business while creating much-need jobs on our continent. Such accomplishment needs to be both celebrated and discussed in order to share valuable advice to our future risk-takers. 9 Jun 2020 Read more

Understanding rewards-based marketing
TLC Marketing Worldwide, a rewards-based company established in 1954, is premised on two core principles, namely that brands should add value rather than discounting and that added value should reward everyone. With increasingly fierce competition and the constant founding of new brands and stronger customer experiences, it is no longer sufficient for a business to simply advertise to sell a product or service. Brand preference and loyalty needs to be established to ensure consistent engagement, increased sales, referrals, and improved customer retention. With TLC, this is done through adding value at no additional cost to clients or their customers and/or consumers. 18 May 2020 Read more

Staying home, a rewarding strategy
At TLC Marketing our main objective is to ensure that we provide our clients with high-value, experience-led rewards under any circumstance. Impressively, our USP, comprising 6,000 dynamic partnerships, allows for instant adaptability which achieves previously-agreed to sales and marketing objectives, even mid-campaign. 19 Mar 2020 Read more

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