Design is the difference between a street and great streetThis article appeared in the Cape Times letters page in response to Rory William's Man About Town column entitled "Can we make Adderley Street into an attraction itself?" which ended with a plea for "new ways of thinking which could be applied across Cape Town". 26 Aug 2013 Read more ++
A sense of belonging - bite-size lessons from the Big AppleMost people would not consider an information board an ideal subject for a holiday snap. Following a two week trip, Terry Levin unpacks how a simple sign on a bridge proves New York is still the Granddaddy of World Design capitals. 5 Aug 2013 Read more ++
Call in the brand policeThe creation of engaging brand identities is a job that has always fallen to graphic designers. Brand architecture or brand implementation is the subsequent application and management of these identities across all necessary marketing and branding material and communication channels. 13 Jun 2013 Read more ++
55 year old get a faceliftA strong brand identity reflects the true value of a company and honours the people who have helped to build it. Terry Levin of OFF The Shelf Marketing explains the secrets of successful brand renovation. 31 May 2013 Read more ++
How we turned a fixer-upper into a valuable brand?Anyone who has ever bought or even rented a property is familiar with the term "fixer upper". Like an old house, a company's brand identity, if indeed they ever had one, decays with time - gutters fall off, paint peels, styles change... 10 May 2013 Read more ++
Why is brand iconography so valuable?Everybody loves iconography. This is why deceptively simple images of pop culture like the I love NY t-shirt, the Rolling Stones tongue and Hello Kitty merchandise have succeeded in capturing the global imagination and launching multi-billion dollar consumer empires. Since Off the Shelf launched in 1997, we have been on the quest for the brave new vocabulary of Afropop iconography for ourselves and for clients. 8 May 2013 Read more ++
Building a relevant brand iconographyFor the last 10 years we have been building "boutique Pan-African" brands, imbuing our clients' products and services with a sense of national pride, tactically managing internal, external or digital communications, to reflect their unique brand history, trading context and brand objectives. 9 Apr 2013 Read more ++
How we turned a paint factory into a multi-million dollar brandIn 2004, our client, previous head of the Namibian stock exchange, purchased a dusty 50-year old paint company for N$2m. He bought it for sentimental reasons - his father had once been employed there. 4 Feb 2013 Read more ++