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Strategic planner at Promise Brand
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Matt Rose
Safe Sext: The desire of youth for less restrictive digital shadows
(Link )Terms & Conditions: Snapchat’s privacy policy has too many secrets?
Posted on 17 Jan 2013 14:46
Matt Rose
Safe Sext: The desire of youth for less restrictive digital shadows
Hi Mark , Thanks for the comment. After doing a bit of research it seems Snapchats T's&C's are mysterious indeed! haha. Here some of the story... Snapchat collects your username, password, email, phone number, and Facebook ID “for the purpose of finding friends on the service.” It also collects “usage information,” which the company says is anonymous. This information could be shared with third parties – which isn’t great, but is something you should basically assume is happening at this point.The company goes on to say that, “Although we attempt to delete image data as soon as possible after the message is transmitted, we cannot guarantee that the message contents will be deleted in every case.”I guess the wild world of online media things are often more than black & white.
Posted on 17 Jan 2013 14:32
Matt Rose
Emoticons 'r' us
Hey there, just saw this great mini-doc that followed six american artists rethinking the emoticon. really cool. ?v=rjk1qhBLn9g GO SAMSUNG! ;)
Posted on 19 Apr 2012 09:11
Matt Rose
Five lessons brands can learn from Kony 2012
cool article! thanks Maja
Posted on 14 Mar 2012 16:11
Matt Rose
ANCYL brand: organisation or person in crisis?
"ANCYL (Pty) Ltd takes decisive action against CEO" Classic! :) thanks for the article.
Posted on 11 Nov 2011 14:07
Matt Rose
Abnormal (brand) psychology 101
Hi Seleso, I hear your concern but i feel its all about what the target audience resonates with, and aligning brands favorably in the mind of the consumer. If they are at life stages that are 'insecure', 'pious' or 'aggressive' then our marketing communications will be most effective when we reflect those feelings.. "Redflags" need not be labeled as 'wrong' and often need not immediately be addressed at all. Sometimes we want to dwell on interesting/scary/emotional feelings and issues. (Hence the immense popularity of the horror genre and tear jerking films.) We are all human and our identities are a mash-up of positive AND negative feelings . Marketing is about communicating in ways the consumer can identify with, even if it isn't always our own personal preference. Anyway, Thank you for reading and commenting :)
Posted on 18 Oct 2011 09:14
Matt Rose
The digital self: what living online means for identity and relationships
Our online identities are to creations and polished embellishments.We carefully prune and manicure our Personal brands, Facebook/twitter have become the magic mirrors of our self-publicizing and narcissistic era.The experience gives users the impression of being on stage, performing in front of an audience who applaud their every gesture and witticism.The more faithfully the virtual mirror reflects us– or how we would like to be–the more we become intoxicated with our reflection. Thank you for the article Sarah. very thought provoking. M
Posted on 10 Oct 2011 15:00
Matt Rose
Some digital lessons from Ard Matthews
Well done to Ard for using the power of online media to help turn the tide on his blunder. He took the time to show that his heart really is in the right place and people are respecting him for 'owning it'. Shame on Russ Dumisani! lol. but there is definitely is a big lesson for brands here especially from a PR perspective. Nice article, thanks!
Posted on 6 Sep 2011 14:42
Matt Rose
Check drug information online through new app
Awesome work team!
Posted on 30 Aug 2011 08:55
Matt Rose
Retailing faces a new reality... are shops, shoppers ready?
Thanks for the article. I love getting a peek into the future. Got me thinking though. As peoples online identities become more and more personal and practical in everyday life (like grocery shopping). I could easily imagine a situation whereby people have to RICA their avatars!? hello "Orwellian" marketing.
Posted on 17 Aug 2011 09:20
Matt Rose
Cape Town residents participate in 'Name Your Hood'
Cool! can we bring this to JHB please?! :)
Posted on 15 Aug 2011 10:35
Matt Rose
Perils of online discounting culture for brands, business
Hi Mike, great article. You have articulated pretty well why i always had a queezy feeling in the back of my mind as a strategic marketer whenever coupon buzz was discussed enthusiastically in meetings. Yes, there are appropriate times for coupons but they should not be seen as a sustainable strategy for brands. Especially brands that don't want to wind up in a price war that becomes a race to the bottom! thanks! :)
Posted on 1 Aug 2011 10:22
Matt Rose
Brand charity (false ideologies not sold separately)
Hi there, thanks for the comment. I do realise I am playing a bit of an extreme devils advocate in this case. I just wanted to draw attention to the issue that brands these days many brands seem to "build in" ideologies purely as a way to gain marketshare. Sure I have received thank you's from people for doing something good. But if I did it purely for that thank you, it seems somehow less noble. Big business gets bigger by appealing to the guilty consciences of consumers. Seems bleak. But no doubt its an subject for debate. Should brands be the guardians and caregivers of society? Is that the future?
Posted on 1 Jul 2011 00:29
Matt Rose
'Tried, tested and trusted' - a new USP for South African women's mags
I like idea of affirming that being a good stay at home Mom/Dad is an "attractive role"' in today's overly aggressive and competitive world.Family values have really been forgotten.Its so refreshing from the norm of the cold hearted "Mantis" business woman that is so overdone in the media. Best wishes to the brand in SA. (hope im not sounding sexist! lol)
Posted on 10 Jun 2011 15:49
Matt Rose
Cadbury Dairy Milk lets loose the joy
Did anybody else find this advert to be slightly insulting towards Buddhist or Zen cultures? Wonder how this advert would have been taken if it was poking fun at Christianity or Islam... If i was directing this ad i would have cut simply with the 'master' making a quick joke with his helium altered voice and giving a knowing wink, that would have been much classier. The rap dancing just seemed a bit obscene/lame.maybe i am being over sensitive? What are your thoughts?
Posted on 31 May 2011 16:35
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