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Trend Forecaster & Business Consultant at Trend Forward
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Dave Nemeth
Innovation needed in SA shopping centres to drive tenant retention
Malls need to focus on unique experiences and not just new tenant mixes (Although this is a part of it).
Posted on 19 Jul 2017 11:41
Dave Nemeth
[2014 trends] Career trends in 2014 - what to look out for
Nice article Juliette, the only thing with boomers are all the conflicting research. As much as they are retiring, a huge percentage will be forced to start their own businesses or re-seek employment as their pensions just wont be enough. With medical advances, people are living longer and and the enormous increase in the cost of living, pensions, just are not enough.
Posted on 21 Jan 2014 08:46
Dave Nemeth
Why oh why do corporates build marketing empires?
Tue true!
Posted on 5 Dec 2013 15:55
Dave Nemeth
Pick n Pay turnaround still a long way off‚ analysts say
Apologies on spelling done via mobile phone with predictive text....... Ouch
Posted on 25 Oct 2012 17:16
Dave Nemeth
Pick n Pay turnaround still a long way off‚ analysts say
I year ago I approached there exco to discuss consultation, has I really had some great forward-thinking strategies,which could be quickly implemented. I was informed that the last thing they needed was a retail trend specialist as they had everything under control. Good luck Pick n Pay!
Posted on 25 Oct 2012 17:14
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