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Sales and Marketing at APS (Automated Publishing Services)
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Andrew Parrington
Can magazines survive?
The hard copy magazine will survive and this is starting to happen in USA and Europe where they have found what seems to be the magic of content creation for the device in which its content is being consumed. Parent Magazine by Meredith Publishers has started to see an increase in their print by creating the right content for the right channel. They did a feature on Autistic children, ran the top questions and answers in their print edition, released the video interviews with the parents in their interactive tablet edition and had short-to-the-point answers about living and dealing with Autistic children on the web. People who bought the print, read the questions and were driven to the interactive tablet edition for the video interviews with the parents, and to the web for quick answers. The people who went online to get answers about living and dealing with autistic children were told to download the interactive tablet edition for more on the interviews and to buy the print edition for the top questions and answers.So to get the whole "experience" they used the right content for the right channel. Design for the medium in which the content is being consumed. I think the current challenge is that publisher produce a printed edition, create a PDF and call it a tablet edition, but its the same content and its boring as a PDF flipper. They then have the same, or similar content on the web, thus negating the reason to drive consumers to their different offerings.Creating content for the device in which its being consumed makes sense if the offering and experience is different and engaging.
Posted on 5 Aug 2014 15:42
Andrew Parrington
Why South Africa needs chief content officers
Completely agree as well - Content is exploding and keeping a handle on it is a challenge at the best of times -the amount of Digital assets we now have on our systems is great but if you don't manage it correctly it can get away with you. Managing your assets also saves huge time when looking for the right content.
Posted on 17 Feb 2014 15:32
Andrew Parrington
Foschini and Donna Claire launch cutting-edge digital catalogues
My only concern is that its a PDF flipper -Paper behind glass? The interaction is very limited - a simple "hotspot"? Was thinking that finally a company had seen the future of Digital Catalogues, but unfortunately not. A great example of a true "Interactive Catalogue" would be GILT for iPad with Webviewer. Good start Techsys and look forward to hopefully some true interactive catalogues.
Posted on 1 Mar 2013 12:32
Andrew Parrington
Tablets are just a fad...
Hi Brian, the headline was taken from a conversation with someone who believed that tablets are just a fad that will have very little impact, if any of our daily live. Therefore the heading was more of a "caption from a conversation" and my apology if you felt it was "dishonest link bait", that was not the intention. PS: Yes tablets have been around long before the iPad, in fact if you watched "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" that is where they first discussed the concept and idea of "tablets"... and yes Lig Lury Jr is still presumed "on lunch"
Posted on 14 Feb 2013 14:30
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