About Nonye Mpho Omotola

Nonye Mpho Omotola is the managing partner of Obaika Consulting South Africa, focusing on increasing FDI for businesses across Africa. A brand strategist, Nonye is also the former group head corporate communications Oceanic Bank (now Ecobank).

Described as an African global communicator, Nonye is passionate about the impact of communications and the economic development of the African continent. She consults for a number of corporates across Africa and is now based in South Africa.

About Victor Obaika

Victor Obaika is
  • the principal partner of Obaika & Company, a law firm with offices in Lagos and Abuja
  • the executive chairman of The Firehouse Africa, an advertising agency with offices in Lagos, Accra and Johannesburg
  • the executive chairman of Que Films Productions, a television and radio production company also with offices in Lagos and Accra, and
  • the executive chairman of Obaika Consulting (www.obaikaconsulting.com), a business advisory firm with offices in Johannesburg and Lagos.

For more, go to www.obaikaconsulting.com. Email Nonye at or Victor at . On Twitter, follow @nonyej.