About Gary Harwood

Gary Harwood is a founder and director of HKLM (www.hklm.co.za). He is fascinated by the challenging world of brand building and marketing in Africa; his passion is West Africa, which he calls the new branding frontier.

About Graham Leigh

Graham Leigh is a founding director of HKLM. He lives somewhere between conceptualising and delivering 'brand environments/experiences' (the true convergence of all marketing) and developing HKLM's offering in East Africa.

About Jerry Nyagah

Jerry Nyagah is MD of HKLM Nairobi. His dual focus is empowering East African brands to prosper in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and guiding international brands as they seek to grow in an increasingly lucrative market place.

About Julia Bouie Leuner

Julia Bouie Leuner is a director of HKLM, as well as an integrated reporting consultant and communicator.

About Andre Redelinghuys

Andre Redelinghuys is head of strategy at HKLM. He develops and transforms brands to drive successful business and sees planning, design, message and medium all as part of the continuous relationship required to build inspiring brands.

About Johan Van Wyk

Johan van Wyk is ECD at HKLM.

About Sean McCoy

Dr Sean McCoy is CEO of HKLM and chairman of the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA). He is a brand practitioner, strategist and pragmatic entrepreneur, with the biased view that brand is everything.


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