Often referred to as one of South Africa's leading trend experts, Dave Nemeth is a qualified designer and been in a variety of industries for the past 20 years, playing a diversity of roles from merchandise director and trend forecaster of blue-chip companies to business owner to designing furniture and forward-thinking advertising campaigns.

His company Trend Forward presents the IIDNemeth Trend Report annually in all major cities of South Africa and contributes to a host of printed and online publications.

Having a passion for and being exceptionally experienced in retail, Dave does many presentations on innovation in retail and the importance of combining this with design methodology. His presentations have had great reviews and he is currently consulting to a variety of businesses, as well as being a part owner of Oaklands - furniture - design - d├ęcor in Randburg, Johannesburg.

He is passionate about both design and retail, as well as how big business needs to change. He is exceptionally well-travelled and has done in excess of 150 international flights over the past seven years.

He is a firm believer in doing things differently and believes it is no longer good enough to simply "think out the box".

Email Dave at , follow @davenemeth on Twitter and connect on Facebook.