A leading blue chip international company recently identified Dave as one of the top creative influencers in the country.

Dave Nemeth is a qualified designer who has held a variety of senior as well as executive positions with some of the countries leading retail groups, spanning a career of twenty years. He is the owner of Trend-Forward a trend consulting business and is often referred to as on of the countries leading trend Gurus by a host of publications and online media. He produces an annual trend forecast focusing on design within business which has become a sought after report over the past four years with a host of different industries attending these presentations around the country, normally to a sell-out crowd.

The company has evolved into a unique model that collaborates with some of the countries best minds, to find solutions for companies, regardless of obstacles. From full-scale business model reinvention to the handling of social media and blogs and even redesigning the interior space.

Nemeth consults to a host of businesses from SMEs to some very prominent blue chip companies on how to do things differently in order to leapfrog the competition in these tough times. He is often called upon for his views on innovation and forward thinking and is no stranger to both TV and radio, he also writes for a host of publications including some leading business publications as well as some to design journals.

He is known for his disruptive views on marketing, corporate culture as well as the current state of retail.

He recently spoke at the Barclays international retail conference, proving that his trends and insights into consumer attitudes are apt within every business sector. He was the only creative and "design thinking" speaker at the event.

He is often a keynote speaker at a variety of conferences and debates and his energetic approach has ensured a continual growth on these platforms. He is currently consulting to a host of businesses both locally and internationally; these are as diverse as blue chip retailers to trade expos and even restaurants.

His latest project is the Design Thinking conference, which is a first for Africa and targets the decision makers in companies, to show that they will not move forward by doing what they are currently doing. He sourced some of the countries biggest disruptors, who took to the stage on 11 June 2015.

"It is no longer good enough to simply 'think out of the box', the box has been destroyed and we need to be thinking in hexagons and polygons". - Dave Nemeth.

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