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About DQ&A Media Group
DQ&A Media Group is a digital marketing company founded in 2001 as a specialist in digital advertising technologies. With our headquarters in The Netherlands and 140 digital marketing specialists in 8 offices around the globe, we are committed to providing high quality performance marketing, technology & data management services. We are performance focused experts in advertising technologies and have the know-how to turn data into actionable insights for publishers, advertisers and agencies around the world. DQ&A Media Group has two main divisions under the same roof - DQ&A One and Adsimilis, which are focusing on different areas in our business.

DQ&A One provides full digital campaign technology and management for online advertisers. We analyze, centralize and streamline digital marketing campaigns across all channels, and offer fully customizable insights through our proprietary reporting layer. With our conversion modelling tools we help clients understand how campaign elements contribute to their overall online ROI, and help them to create, launch and manage integrated campaigns efficiently. DQ&A One has been reseller of the Google DoubleClick technology for over a decade and has a unique, world-class team in place that knows the leading digital marketing platform like no one else. We service advertisers, agencies and publishers across the globe through our client services team in South Africa and local experts that drive client relationships forward.

Adsimilis is a full-service performance marketing agency. We develop and execute digital marketing strategies with a focus on optimal ROI and performance. Our programmatic trading desk is manned by the best data geeks in the market, and our proprietary performance network is driven by the best conversion experts in the industry. We have the ability to develop media strategies and creatives that converts. Combining our own distribution and performance channels this results in a wide range of satisfied clients across the globe that thrive off the new business we generate for them. With roots firmly plant in the digital marketing realm and over a decade of experience working with industry defining technology we will make sure you will only get the best for your campaigns. We are specialized in performance marketing, branding and web development, fueled by a passion for creative and effective solutions that convert. Our expertise covers data-driven performance strategy & creation, lead generation & affiliate, and cross channel media trading desk. Advertisers are offered access to global traffic; while publishers are offered a vast selection of international exclusive and direct campaigns, instantly opening them up to new revenue streams.

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