Educor is the largest provider of private education in Southern Africa. We provide Higher, Further and Vocational education via face-to-face classes, distance learning and online learning. We offer full-time and part-time studies, providing people from all walks of life with access to education.

Our education brands have an impressive legacy in the education market, with INTEC being over 100 years old, Lyceum College being over 90, and Damelin being over 69.

We have an established network of campuses and franchises throughout Southern Africa. Students across the African continent are encouraged to register with us.

We offer over 800 courses across a wide variety of disciplines. These courses are accredited with the relevant regulatory bodies in South Africa and the campuses offering them are registered with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

We welcome students who have finished Grade 12 and wish to pursue Further Education or Higher Education qualifications, as well as those who were unable to finish their schooling. People simply seeking to improve their knowledge base will also find many ideal opportunities within Educor's offering.

Our brands appeal to the South African market across all walks of life. Due to the increase in our course offerings, we have experienced significant growth in student numbers over the past three years.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead and inspire quality private education and training throughout Southern Africa and the African continent.
To develop close relationships with respected international companies that share the same values and passion for developing and adding value to the world's emerging educational requirements.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to meet regulatory requirements as they apply to private institutions, and to exceed all expectations of quality.

We pride ourselves on being the provider of quality, learner focused private lifelong education. We deliver innovative yet relevant programmes in Higher and Further Education while contributing with integrity and commitment to the community ideals of skills development and employability.

Our Values

We supply professional services based on best practice, ensuring quality and growing reputable branded products.

We provide high levels of quality products delivered through uncompromising service delivery systems.

We treat students and staff, irrespective of their level, in a manner in which we would all like to be treated.

Academic Commitment
We ensure that our colleges and courses are maintained within all the necessary regulatory requirements.

Innovative Relevant Programmes
We keep up to date with developments in training and current educational thinking, skills development and employability.