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New marketing for a new generation
The latest challenge facing marketers is to connect with the mobile-first Gen Z. But just because they grew up with a smartphone in their hands not does not mean Gen Z is totally different from their predecessors...

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Marketers must step up to
protect their brands online

Right now you could be forgiven for thinking online advertising is a dog’s dinner. Some commentators are painting programmatic media as a technological nightmare that promises to lower media costs but ends up putting brand ads next to grossly inappropriate content...

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Generation Curious
Understanding the modes and mindsets of exploratory behaviour can help marketers drive purchase by designing campaigns around consumers’ interest and intent...

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10 Ways to get your brand on the online shopping list
In a relatively flat market, eCommerce is the one part of grocery shopping that is growing. Last year this growth was 15% to a value of $48bn, and it’s forecast to rise to $150bn globally by 2025...

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Kantar Millward Brown are the world's leading experts in helping clients grow great brands. We are constantly analysing, understanding and interpreting the world around us. We make a meaningful impact on our clients' businesses by using our insight and knowledge to help build brand value and drive marketing efficiency.

Our consulting and research services all stem from our Meaningfully Different Framework. We know that brands consumers see as “different” achieve higher value, command a higher price and earn a higher profit. And, we know it's not just about product, difference is equally important in purpose, personality, values and design.
  • 0 years of brand equity, advertising and media research experience
  • 20 years of digital advertising experience
  • A global network of more than 85 offices in 55 countries
  • The world's most robust databases - 130,000 ads copy tested, 18,000 brand equity projects conducted, 195,000 brand reports created
  • A global intranet connecting our teams to an extensive knowledge bank of information readily accessible to share with clients
Kantar Millward Brown is part of Kantar, WPPs data investment division. We can collaborate with a wide network of advertising, research and media agency experts around the world, bringing added value to our clients. We also use the latest technologies and innovation to develop flexible solutions marketers need to grow businesses today.

We all live and work in an agile, digitally driven world and Kantar Millward Brown will help you make sense of it all, and increase your ROI.

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