Welcome to the new campaign, Appetite for Good! Support this cause and walk for someone who can't - The Worx GroupOver the years Worx Group has quietly found ways to involve ourselves in small ways in our community. We like to believe we have made a difference in our small individual ways. 22 May 2015 Read more++

Eventworx evolves into The Worx Group - The Worx GroupAfter more than a decade of building a solid business based on carefully thought-out events, Eventworx has evolved into The Worx Group. The rebrand is effective immediately. 4 Nov 2014 Read more++

Eventworx looks within - The Worx GroupRecently the Eventworx team went a little introspective. We attended an Enneagram workshop, and discovered some spookily accurate personality profiling. We emerged not only more self-aware, but also cognisant of the boundless growth potential of a group saturated with talent, and the optimism and energy required to wring it out. 22 Apr 2014 Read more++

Something is in the Worx - The Worx GroupWith our first ten years of great work with great clients behind us and with new horizons ahead, we have taken the time to reflect on our successes, learn some valuable lessons and ask ourselves what kind of a difference we want to make for our clients in the future. We've learnt a lot. Change is coming, we're growing. Eventworx is on the move. 14 Apr 2014 Read more++

Burgeoning Soweto - The Worx GroupHand in hand with the redevelopment of Braamfontein and Newtown, Johannesburg has started to discover the wealth of experiences possible further south of its city. We don't mean NASREC or Soccer City, we mean the bold, bustling region of Soweto. Within it lies a culture uniquely South African and equally uniquely Johannesburg. 12 Nov 2013 Read more++

Incentive trips - going that extra mile - The Worx GroupWhen people read the words "International Incentive Trips", the planning and logistics involved in constructing a complete schedule and programme for the guests comes to mind, as well as the time required to gather passport information, confirm travel requirements and prepare all the guests for their big adventure. 27 Sep 2012 Read more++

The business of comedy and the comedy of business - The Worx GroupI am a funny guy. Best man wedding speech funny. Dinner party funny. Around the braai funny but nowhere near stand-up comedy funny. That's an entirely different league, with massive pressure from a demanding and expectant audience. Actually, comedy is no longer a funny guy on the stage, it is now an organisation, an industry if you like. Today, comedy is very much mainstream and in South Africa it is about business, big business. We see top talent on US late night TV, international acts selling out their shows on our shores, financially successful, locally produced comedy movies that thrive at the box office in addition to sharing key shelf space in retail stores. Long-term comedy clubs exist and prosper; comedy is on the bill at some of the biggest theatres in the country. Big, big business. 21 Sep 2012 Read more++

As event architects, few things get our blood going quite like clients who like it when we think outside the box. It's always a challenge to take a pretty standard idea, turn it on its head, get the client to like it and then pull it off! 12 Sep 2012 Read more++

Integrating exhibitions into the eventing mix - The Worx GroupAt first glance, it may appear strange that the executive director of an eventing company is offering an opinion on the exhibition industry. However, the reasoning is in fact fairly straightforward: as the lines in the traditional marketing mix have become blurred, exhibitions have increasingly been integrated into the overall solution - with great results. 1 Aug 2012 Read more++

MWEB Business Partner Awards - The Worx GroupHosting a small, intimate event. 19 Jul 2012 Read more++

Assumptions and other misdemeanours - The Worx Group2012 marks the fourth year that Eventworx, in association with Standard Bank, has worked with NAMPO, the agricultural industry's showcase annual event. I hadn't been out there for the last two years, so I decided to make a day of it and travel out to Mielie country. Anybody who has never visited - even if you are not a farmer - should do so. Having been in the event and exhibition industry for almost two decades I have seen many exhibitions, but NAMPO still stands out in the crowd. 7 Jun 2012 Read more++

Eventworx raises the standard for fourth year running at NAMPO 2012 - The Worx GroupEventworx, the event architects, were once again on hand to assist Standard Bank in making their presence felt at South Africa's biggest agricultural expo, NAMPO. 29 May 2012 Read more++

Lipton 'Cool by the Pool' activation campaign - The Worx GroupAs part of Lipton Ice Tea's Summer activation series, aptly named 'Cool by the Pool', Eventworx was approached to build an experiential activation concept to be rolled out on the beaches of KZN, Western Cape and Eastern Cape as well as select inland regions. The series started during the Christmas and New Year period and rolled on from there. 25 May 2012 Read more++

Eventworx attracts increased number of delegates for Standard Bank at 2012 Mining Indaba - The Worx GroupAt this year's Mining Indaba hosted at Cape Town ICC, Standard Bank was presented with an interesting challenge. As a supporting sponsor of the annual event they wanted to create an impactful Standard Bank presence with a balance between functionality and appeal to the audience. 18 May 2012 Read more++

Activations: Activating your brand is a balance between science and art - The Worx GroupWhen marketing teams talk about activating a brand, many differing views of what's important come to the fore. At Eventworx, we believe that activations require a fine balance between intelligent spend - the science of constructing the activation - and the art of creating the experience. So, how do you achieve that balance? 24 Nov 2011 Read more++

Eventworx pairs fine wine with classic cars for MWEB business day out - The Worx GroupHaving been tasked with coordinating a client entertainment event for MWEB Business in Cape Town, event architects - Eventworx chose an irresistible combination of classic cars and award-winning wine - much to the delight of MWEB Business' major clients and partners who attended the luxurious event. 18 Nov 2011 Read more++

MWEB Business partners with Eventworx for three-city roadshow - The Worx Group
Recently, MWEB Business teamed up with event architects Eventworx to coordinate an ambitious three-stop roadshow covering Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
 12 Oct 2011 Read more++

Event architects, Eventworx, hosted the annual year-end function for Deloitte Consulting at Kyalami Racetrack recently. Tying in with the company's internal 'Grand Prix' theme, the unique location provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion. South Africa's Formula 1 expert Sasha Martinengo was on hand to keep the guests entertained and provide exclusive Grand Prix insight. 4 Oct 2011 Read more++

So it's getting to that time when you as a corporate are beginning to pick your Event Company's brain for new ideas and ways to bring creativity into the annual summer events. You are slotting in the dates for conferences, breakaways, teambuilding sessions, incentive trips, year ends, etc... and you are the one who is going to be charged with briefing in your Event Company into the occasions and finding the right blueprint (or Orangeprint as we call it) from which to construct them. 7 Jul 2011 Read more++

Eventworx revs up Deloitte Summit at Sun City - The Worx GroupFrom 25 to 27 March 2011, event architects Eventworx hosted the Deloitte Consulting Strategy Execution Summit at Sun City. Building on the popular theme of Formula 1, the delegates were divided up into F1 groups - Ferrari, Renault, Merc, Maclaren, Williams, and Redbull. The facilitators wore racing shirts with "Team Principle" branded on the back and the crew wore the same shirts with "Pit Crew". A Formula 1 Simulator Car added to the ambience and proved to be a hit among the delegates. 29 Jun 2011 Read more++

Eventworx uncaps 2011 for MWEB Business - The Worx GroupHaving successfully partnered with MWEB Business in 2010, event architects Eventworx were again contracted to host MWEB Business' Sales Conference for 2011. Eventworx masterminded an innovative, growth-focussed out of town event to showcase the efforts of MWEB Business' hardworking Sales and Call Centre staff, and to motivate them to work towards the targets set for 2011. 21 Jun 2011 Read more++

Eventworx shows MWEB Business some real support - The Worx GroupEvent architects Eventworx once again worked with MWEB Business to host their Support Conference for 2011. An originally-themed and interactive event was designed to show off MWEB Business' successful Support and Call Centre staff, and to give appreciation for their hard work in 2010. 8 Jun 2011 Read more++

A look at eventing in 2011 - The Worx GroupIf 2010 was a bit like trying to eat an ice cream cone while riding a wild rollercoaster - a combination of periods of slow burn followed by exhilarating thrills but with the occasional messy moment - 2011 promises to be a bit like catching a high speed train - the destination and direction will be easier to predict but timing the jump will be everything. 3 Feb 2011 Read more++

Silly Season is the name, not the expectation! - The Worx GroupEvery November / December is commonly referred to as the "Silly Season". This comes with many connotations, and in the eventing industry, it all comes down to crazy parties, grand ideas, opportunities to unwind, celebrating successes, reliving the war stories and much more. We tend to refer to these events as 'Corporate Year Ends'. 7 Dec 2010 Read more++

A corporate year end: Straight from the horse's mouth! - The Worx GroupTo celebrate a good year in style requires a unique idea and a client who understands value when they see it. In most of our regular clients, we're fortunate enough to have both. One of those 'cool' clients came to us for their 2010 staff year end with only one wish. Bring us something unique! 19 Nov 2010 Read more++

Eventworx hosts annual FNB Commercial Leadership Conference - The Worx GroupEvent architects Eventworx recently held FNB's annual Commercial Leadership Conference at the Birchwood Conference Centre in Boksburg. The full-day conference highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship and dynamic leadership, with several high-profile speakers igniting the imaginations and inspiration of guests. 11 Oct 2010 Read more++

Pepsi teams up with Eventworx to ignite brand awareness in SA market - The Worx GroupInternational soft drink giant, Pepsi, recently partnered with event architects, Eventworx to drive a nationwide Brand Activation campaign during the build up to the big football event that was all the talk of 2010. 75 Store Activations, taking place across KZN, Pretoria and greater Johannesburg areas within a 50 day period demanded multiple teams working concurrently in all the regions every day. 5 Oct 2010 Read more++

Jonty Rhodes makes his debut as an event architect with Eventworx - The Worx GroupSouth African cricketing legend Jonty Rhodes has joined the team at Eventworx, as the company's newest event architect. With his unique insight into the business of sport, Rhodes will add a new dimension to the company's existing expertise and will be an integral part of the company's plans for growth and development. 23 Sep 2010 Read more++

Eventworx and TATA provide the ultimate long-weekend luxury getaway - The Worx GroupRecently, event architects Eventworx partnered with motor company TATA to treat special guests to a weekend of outdoor adventuring. In conjunction with fleet management company Eqstra, TATA hosted 20 select guests for the weekend - providing an exclusive opportunity for them to test drive and become familiar with the TATA range of vehicles. 21 Sep 2010 Read more++

Eventworx adds football flavour to the 2010 Deloitte Client Service Awards function - The Worx GroupOn 7 July 2010, event architects Eventworx held the annual Deloitte Client Service Awards function at the company's Johannesburg office in Woodmead. Featuring a surprise performance by one of South Africa's most popular bands, the Parlotones, the soccer-themed evening was a celebration of a successful past 12 months for Deloitte. One of the country's leading accounting and consulting firms, Deloitte has partnered with Eventworx to hold their annual Client Service Awards event since 2004. 21 Jul 2010 Read more++

Eventworx and Standard Bank make it a double shot at 2010 IFE - The Worx GroupEvent architects Eventworx and Standard Bank clinched first place for both Exhibition Stand and Financial Service Providers at the International Franchise and Entrepreneurs Expo 2010 (IFE) held from the 6-8th May 2010 at the Sandton Convention Centre. The awards made it back-to-back successes for the well established partnership, following on from success in 2009 when they took home a Gold Award for Stand and a Special Award for Innovation and Cutting Edge Design. 27 May 2010 Read more++

Eventworx partners with Standard Bank and Technoserve to recognise local entrepreneurs - The Worx GroupIn conjunction with Standard Bank and Technoserve (a non-profit economic development organisation), event architects Eventworx organised the Believe Begin Become Final Awards evening on Thursday, March 25 to honour some of South Africa's most enterprising new small business leaders. 19 May 2010 Read more++

MWEB Business contracts Eventworx to spearhead Business Partner Programmes - The Worx GroupEvent architects Eventworx were commissioned to organise MWEB Business' three Business Partner Programmes in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town in April 2010. In keeping with the countrywide excitement around the upcoming FIFA World Cup, Eventworx arranged exclusive guided tours of the main stadiums in each of the three host cities. 11 May 2010 Read more++

Eventworx hosts third annual sales conference for MWEB - The Worx GroupRecently, event architects Eventworx hosted MWEB's annual sales conference for the third consecutive year. Held at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel, the programme produced hardworking sessions and moments of great comedy and camaraderie leaving the MWEB team refreshed and ready for a busy year. 4 May 2010 Read more++

Eventworx stages knockout win for MWEB Business - The Worx GroupWhen MWEB Business approached event architects Eventworx to handle a highly confidential product launch, the team knew this would be a challenging and altogether different kind of task. 28 Apr 2010 Read more++

Cell C and Eventworx join forces to bring comedy underground - The Worx GroupIn partnership with event architects Eventworx, Cell C recently hosted a client appreciation evening in the unusual setting of the Rosebank fire station. The theme was an underground comedy club, and guests were treated to performances by popular comedian Martin Jonas and comedy/music duo Abbott & Crabb. 19 Apr 2010 Read more++

Not for the novice: The advantages of professional event planning - The Worx GroupPlanning an event is no small undertaking. It needs time, attention, and above all else - professional help. Kim Winstanley, MD and chief architect of event architects Eventworx, explains the benefits of enlisting the help of a professional event management company instead of trying to do it yourself. 30 Mar 2010 Read more++

100 days to kick-off: A positive, proactive approach to 2010 event planning - The Worx GroupKim Winstanley, MD and chief architect of event architects Eventworx, cautions against letting all the pessimism and bad press discourage your 2010 eventing plans. Staging an event during the World Cup is far more feasible than the naysayers will have you think - as long as you start the planning process now. 1 Mar 2010 Read more++

Eventworx brings dazzle to the dealership - The Worx GroupEvent architects Eventworx proved that cars and cocktails really do go together. 3 Nov 2009 Read more++

Eventworx orchestrates a meeting of minds for Standard Bank - The Worx GroupEvent architects Eventworx found a fresh approach to the usual business breakfast. 28 Oct 2009 Read more++

Every successful event needs... - The Worx GroupA sufficient budget, and the right reasons for spending it. These are two things which every brand needs before going the event route. Kim Winstanley, MD and chief architect of event architects Eventworx, explains why. 23 Oct 2009 Read more++

Beyond the creative: finding the right event company - The Worx GroupWhen you're choosing an event company, are you basing your decision purely on its creative pitch? If so, you may be less than satisfied with the final event, since great events require more than just great ideas. If Kim Winstanley, MD and chief architect of event architects Eventworx, were looking to appoint an event company, these are the questions she'd be asking. 9 Oct 2009 Read more++

Following the money: questions to ask your events company - The Worx GroupKim Winstanley, MD and chief architect of event architects Eventworx, reveals the three money-related questions which clients should ask their events company to ensure that despite a successful event, they're not left with the nagging feeling that they've been ripped off. 28 Sep 2009 Read more++

MWEB and Eventworx get “glowing” reviews for night golf - The Worx GroupTo say the SA corporate events calendar is jam-packed with golf days is somewhat of an understatement. So how do you turn a dime-a-dozen golf function into something unique and memorable? Partnering with event architects Eventworx, MWEB got a golf day with a unique twist. 17 Sep 2009 Read more++

The importance of being balanced - The Worx GroupKim Winstanley, MD and chief architect of event architects Eventworx, explains the importance of balancing creativity with reality when designing successful events. 15 Sep 2009 Read more++

2009 Deloitte Client Service Awards - The Worx GroupIt's that time of year again, when Eventworx and the team from Deloitte put on another spectacular Awards Dinner for the hard working members of Johannesburg Audit. We've been doing these since 2004. Over the years we've hosted our own World Cup, Gathered the Clans, competed at the Chinese Olympics, Flown High and even starred in our very own Bollywood Spectacular. So we felt it was time for something a little different. 8 Jul 2009 Read more++

Eventworx and Standard Bank are the talking point of 2009 IFE Expo - The Worx GroupEventworx leads the ‘Speaker's Corner' stand sponsored by Standard Bank to the Gold Award for Stand and Special Award for Innovation and Cutting Edge Design at the 2009 International Franchise and Entrepreneurs Expo. 3 Jun 2009 Read more++