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Thuto Masihleho - From events intern to project coordinatorThere are few things that inspire us more than getting to watch one of our interns grow and embrace every opportunity to experience new things. With interns being central to our passion for development and learning, we're driven by how their fresh ideas and outlooks keep us moving forward, and how we learn just as much from them as they learn from us. 22 Sep 2017 Read more

Year-end events - should you bother?It's that time of year, just past the half-past mark, where the inevitable question arises at the boardroom table: “What are we going to do for our year-end event this year?” 24 Aug 2017 Read more

The real value of exhibitionsWe've all experienced exhibitions in a professional space. The question you should be asking yourself about big-ticket activations is whether your company gets real value from them? If you're thinking of presenting your business in exhibitions, there are a few factors you should consider. Grant Waites, our head of ACTIVE (Worx Group's unit focused on activations, exhibitions, sponsorships and sports), breaks them down. 27 Jul 2017 Read more

Worx Group welcomes Selz Vision as 2017 IMPACT Enterprise Development PartnerWorx Group is pleased to announce that Tlakale Somo, owner at Selz Vision, has agreed to join us as our 2017 IMPACT Enterprise Development Partner. 28 Jun 2017 Read more

Worx Group and Oak House Vocational Academy trial work experience pilot programmeEducation is incredibly important to Worx Group, so when a fantastic opportunity came along to initiate a pilot programme with Oak House Vocational Academy as part of our IMPACT programme, we were eager to get on board. 26 Jun 2017 Read more

Thato Selau - From design intern to junior designerWe've always been passionate about the interns we take on and the imperative roles that we feel they play in our business. By having interns as an integrated part of our team, we love the opportunities that arise for us to learn just as much from them as we teach them every day, and how their fresh ideas and outlooks help to keep us on our feet and moving forward constantly. 28 Mar 2017 Read more

Worx Group achieves Level 2 BBBEE statusWorx Group has concluded a corporate restructure that sees its empowerment rating improve to Level 2 while significantly enhancing its transformational plans, and is expected to have a profoundly positive influence on the company's community in the years ahead. 13 Feb 2017 Read more

Applications open: IMPACT enterprise development programme 2017As part of our ongoing transformational plans, Worx Group is now accepting applications for our 2017 IMPACT enterprise development programme. Think you're the right team for the spot? Send through your application . 11 Nov 2016 Read more

Kim and Jess - our lionesses of AfricaWith the Lionesses of Africa conference having just taken place in Joburg, we turned our gaze inwards and took the opportunity to look at the two lionesses at the head of our pride, Chief Growth Officer Kim Winstanley and Managing Director Jessica MacRoberts, and what makes them an exceptional entrepreneurial team. As a conference that is run by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs, and with the vision of empowering women entrepreneurs, both Kim and Jess jumped at the opportunity to work on this incredible project as professional conference organisers. 31 Oct 2016 Read more

The Worx Group enterprise development programmeWhen an opportunity comes along to help out in a new company with great potential, we jump at the chance to get involved. Our Impact enterprise development programme is about doing just that, and through our work with young entrepreneurs, we're excited by the opportunities that we've shared with these budding businesses and the impact that they, in turn, will have on us, our clients, and our industry. 13 Oct 2016 Read more

Outdoor events: Rocky's recommendationsThere's no one you'd rather have on your side when you're planning an outdoor project than our new on-site and logistics team leader, Rocky. Rock-star shared his thoughts on what to keep in mind when embracing the opportunity to host your event outdoors, and how thorough planning can make a fresh air venue your best friend. Our experiences with large-scale outdoor events over the years have helped us to develop into meticulous planners rather than chaos managers, meaning that being outdoors is far more about potential opportunities for triumph than opportunities for disaster. 12 Oct 2016 Read more

Keeping the energy up - Kim's five top tipsWhen you're running an event or a roadshow over a few weeks or even months, keeping the energy up is key, but it's not always easy. We know that each event we run is only as good as its crew and suppliers, which is why it's crucial that we work together to ensure that everyone is always on top of their game. Having just completed a roadshow that spanned nine provinces, 15,000kms, 82 sessions, 15 venues, and 24,000 delegates over 56 days on site, our Chief Growth Officer, Kim, knows all about this. As the undisputed authority on enthusiasm, she talked us through her five top tips for keeping your team energised and on the ball, no matter how long you're on the road. 10 Oct 2016 Read more

Taking your team away? Here's what to remember...We recently took the opportunity to spend a little time out of the office as a team for our annual breakaways. Whether we're planning a breakaway for our clients or for ourselves, the same principles apply - for a diverse and talented team, it's less about taking them somewhere that'll look great in photos, and more about creating real value for them, as employees and as individuals. Although, the great photos we got were an added bonus! 7 Oct 2016 Read more

Opportunity everywhere: ICC annual meetingSince we first opened our doors, we've taken on projects of all shapes and sizes. From visually large but technically small conferences to complex, multifaceted gatherings, we're proud of our ability to face each new project with enthusiasm and professionalism, no matter the scale. In the middle of 2015, we were awarded the contract to be at the forefront of organising the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission Annual Meeting in South Africa, proudly hosted by Standard Bank. As with any big project, the scale and the diversity of the project made for interesting and complex challenges, and we're incredibly proud of how our team worked together to make it happen. 6 Oct 2016 Read more

The Worx Group internship programmeThere's no denying the importance of internships in business today. Over the past 15 years, internships have been increasingly highlighted as integral in developing not only individual careers and businesses, but also in shaping the economy. By building work forces from the internship up, the number of skilled applicants at entry level has increased, improving quality of work and cutting down basic training time for companies. With interns able to improve their experience levels from the get-go, and companies able to develop talent that understands how their business works, it's a win-win situation - and an opportunity that we're really excited to be involved in. 5 Oct 2016 Read more

New team leader for on-site and logistics - Rocky PhiriThe Worx Group is incredibly proud to announce that Rocky Phiri has been promoted to the position of team leader for on-site and logistics. 4 Oct 2016 Read more

New design team leader - Gerrit BreitenbachWe're proud to announce that Gerrit Breitenbach, who has been a part of the Worx Group family for the past two years, has been promoted to the position of design team leader. 6 Jul 2016 Read more

Finance and admin manager wantedWhilst the company is an equal opportunity employer employment equity candidates will be preferred for this position. 10 Feb 2016 Read more

Worx Group is in the market for fresh, young talent!Incubate is an internal unit of the Worx Group, dedicated to finding, growing and producing great young talent for our evolving team. This unit is committed to our transformational goals from which our internship programme, amongst others, is driven. 5 Feb 2016 Read more

Welcome to the new campaign, Appetite for Good! Support this cause and walk for someone who can'tOver the years Worx Group has quietly found ways to involve ourselves in small ways in our community. We like to believe we have made a difference in our small individual ways. 22 May 2015 Read more

Eventworx evolves into The Worx GroupAfter more than a decade of building a solid business based on carefully thought-out events, Eventworx has evolved into The Worx Group. The rebrand is effective immediately. 4 Nov 2014 Read more