Path to business success: Swift agility and innovation in Covid-19

Bill Gates rightly stated that "success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent." This is no truer than in today's world of business un-usual. We find ourselves in a world where change is constant, and the future is unpredictable.
I would add that success (and business survival) today means we need to keep up with the changing times through relevant technologies and innovations. Important strides in how we listen to our consumers, shoppers and customers need to be implemented, very swiftly in the age of Covid-19.

South Africa has long been a marketing research country focussed on primarily conducting face-to-face fieldwork. I am proud that BMi Research has partnered with online fieldwork agencies who offer robust panels, in order to conduct fieldwork both via online and mobile platforms. Our field partners have databases of over 200,000 South African respondents.

Furthermore, with our web scraping tool, we can quickly and accurately trawl websites and understand competitor pricing and branding. With online shopping and web surfing on the rise during lockdown, agile businesses are quickly shifting focus to e-commerce. Our CX Online solution allows us to assess e-commerce websites, focusing on the online ordering process, transaction process, delivery experience, website functionality, ease of navigation and compliancy.

Our swift agility enables us to partner with top South African companies to build new strategies for their businesses in an era where drivers of purchase and access to income, are fast changing. BMi Research is entrenched in online fieldwork and digital solutions, making us the ideal partner to understand your consumers, customers and shoppers.

BMi Research, as a valued insights partner, provides innovative research solutions. Contact us today.

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BMi Research is a long-standing full-service research house specialising in qualitative and quantitative research solutions. With multi-sector experience, the BMi Research team understands industrial and manufacturing research, wholesale to retail intelligence and shopper insights. Capable of delivering both tactical and strategic data through sophisticated reporting platforms, clients are able to realise the required return on research investment. Contact:

Kevin Kruger: az.oc.imb@nivek or 082 450 2979
Jenni-Ruth Coggin: az.oc.imb@innej or 076 170 6989
Cindi Collett: az.oc.imb@idnic or 082 821 4971
Danie Botha: az.oc.imb@einad or 083 271 7720

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