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Northlink College support services for students

Northlink College's intense academic programmes are designed to provide a challenging, yet rewarding, student life experience, for both new and returning students. Students are the heart of the college and they must be sustained holistically to ensure that they excel academically, mentally and psychologically physically.
Northlink College support services for students

The college provides necessary support services to students, through a range of student-oriented programmes, rendered by various departments such as student support services (SSS), work integrated learning (WIL), professional nurse services (Wellness), financial support (bursary), sport, arts and culture and support from their student representative council (SRC).

Services offered by these departments are all intended to help students holistically thus ensuring they achieve their educational goals, and enhance their college experiences.

All registered students have access and can benefit from these services. SSS promotes academic success, career development, social-emotional and physical wellbeing as part of their strategy.

Holistically* this is how students are prioritised at Northlink:

1. Academic support - career guidance
2. Health and wellness - professional counselling services (online and in-person)
3. Inclusive education – to include special needs students into the system
4. Sport, arts and culture – cultural events create awareness, nurtures talents, allow for interaction and inclusiveness between peers
5. Financial assistance – provide information on bursaries
6. Student governance and leadership – assist with the development of skills, as well as guidance and support from peers
7. Opening learning centres – provides access to research, computers, WiFi, photocopying, printing, etc.
8. Work integrated learning (WIL) – support and advice for on job readiness and placement

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These services provide a supportive campus environment, where they feel safe and can express themselves within the framework of the college’s student code of conduct. Should you wish to be part of Northlink College or to enquire about any of these support services for your child or yourself, please contact the SSS Department on 021 970 9000.

5 Aug 2021 14:03