Revelations in times of adversity

Times of adversity often lead us to greatness. A passion reignited. A talent discovered. A cementing of core values. Even new visions being birthed.
Revelations in times of adversity

This was certainly the case for the AAA’s Executive Training team in 2020. A year in which we knew we had to all pull together to see the professionals within our industry thrive, despite the unexpected challenges and immense pressure we faced as an industry.

So, what did we learn?

Cease the moment

Recognising that many in our industry faced redundancies, were losing clients and that most organisations had to cut training budgets, we agreed to do what we can for 2020 to provide learning opportunities. “We knew that we needed to step up and truly live our passion and purpose in this moment. We invested half a million rand in supporting both creative and marketing talents to continue their personal and professional skills development. We celebrated each delegate who successfully completed their training, knowing that alongside new skills and knowledge, they gained confidence and in many cases, a renewed hope for the future.”

Build it together

AAA has a legacy of bringing brilliant minds together and this year was no exception. Industry experts from various disciplines joined the team to develop relevant short courses. During live sessions, they shared knowledge, best practice tips and experiences. As one lecturer shared: “I enjoy AAA’s personal approach where we come together to interact, discuss questions and look at real-life work challenges.”

Keep moving forward

Challenging times bring new opportunities. AAA tackled new market dynamics and focused on soft skills development to help professionals have greater impact in their roles. A stronger focus on digital skills also equipped marketers and creatives alike to deliver more excellent work.

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